Tuesday, March 31, 2015

They make me laugh

Recently I made a Mexican dish and used salsa. I didn't have time to blend the salsa like I normally do. Caitlin was eating and in a very astonished voice
"MOMMY! There's onions in here. You know the Murrell family doesn't eat onions.
How could you?!"


Caitlin just came into the room with her dress on backwards.
"I accidentally took off my clothes. So I had to put them back on. And I put my dress on backwards."

Jon and I are trying to figure out how one accidentally takes their clothes off.
This could be a very, very bad thing.


Dominic called Jon into his room to help him get to sleep.
"Daddy, can you please help me. I have too much mental energy and I can't go to sleep."


It was St. Patrick's Day and Dominic was dismayed to find that he'd outgrown his only green uniform shirt. Fearful that he would get pinched all day he taped a green crayon to his shirt.
We were all thankful when Jon pointed out that he had a pair of running shoes with lots of green on them he could wear.