Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving III

On Friday we headed to Nashville to spend the day.
First we went to the zoo. Jon hadn't been yet and Dominic had been begging to return.
I seriously have the cutest kids!!!
 Checking out the monkeys.
 Most of us, heading to see the elephants.
 Caitlin with Grammy.
 I love that hat. 
I'm also rather partial to the little girl under the hat.
 Aunt Sue, Amanda and Caitlin
 Little man on an elephant head.
 Dominic was ready to hit the play ground, but was sweet enough to ride the carousel with Caitlin one time first.
 Caitlin rode it 2x and could have gone more if I had been willing to pay for it.
 The rope walk.
Look at Caitlin's face. She isn't sure WHAT to think.
 Grammy and Dominic took a tumble.
 Caitlin is yelling for help. So I took a picture first.
Aren't I the best mom?
 The kids found these along the path and thought they were cool.
 If brother has one, then so do I.
 It was starting to get chilly and Caitlin's coat was in the car.
So she borrowed mine.
 Jumping on the bridge.
 After the zoo we headed to the Opryland Hotel to see the lights.
 Dominic loved the water fall show.
I remember watching this when I was only a few years older than him and listening to some country music star sing. I certainly didn't picture being here with a kid someday. Amazing how time goes by so quickly.
 The kids were exhausted after the incredibly long day. But they were so good. 
I think I was the one that was cranky. =)

Thanksgiving II

After the race we headed home and the rest of the company started arriving.
 The day was beautiful and we spent most of it outside.
We are creating a monster. Dominic begged to shoot the markers again.
 Caitlin getting her first birthday present (for her third birthday) from Aunt Kim.
Caitlin was exhausted. We looked over to see her sound asleep.
 Gramps couldn't resist holding her. Can you blame him?!
 Grammy brought a Monopoly Card game. Dominic was immediately in love and would play with anyone who'd get sit down. The first question he asked Grammy every morning was "Did you bring the game?" He loved it so much that she bought him his own game and Jon and I play no less than 3 games apiece every day after school with him. When we aren't playing with him he's got his pets sitting at the coffee table playing with them.
 Kim was a huge help in getting the Thanksgiving meal on the table. I couldn't have done it without her.
 Gramps, Grammy, Uncle Jason and Aunt Kim
Climbing the dogwood tree.
Gramps is rescuing Caitlin from the tree.
 We certainly wouldn't have minded piling everyone up in our house, but with so many people it might have been a bit tough. So some stayed in hotels and the rest stayed in the RV in our driveway.

Thanksgiving Vacation I

Our Thanksgiving vacation started early and had several stages.
Dominic was off for an entire week so most of my prep for company was done before he was out of school.
I enjoyed having him home so much. Amazingly, I miss the little guy when he's at school. =)
We read books, went to the museum and played games.

On Wednesday both sets of grandparents arrived. We ate lunch with Jon's parents and then my parents arrived around supper time. The kids had so much fun that day basking in grandparent love.

Caitlin was fascinated that Grandpa was wearing a hat "just like her". She leaned in to tell him something and the bills of the hats touched. She proceeded to do that over and over again while giggling. It was precious!
 Dominic asked me to take silly pictures. Then he posed about 20 different ways. I'll spare you from all of them and only post a few. =)
 Messing with Grandpa's hat again.
 Grandma's lap isn't quite big enough for two. But that didn't seem to stop them from trying.
 After baths she read to them again. 
If you look closely you'll see Dominic with his foot in Grandma's shoe. Much to her chagrin it almost fits him. =)
 The next day we headed out early so my dad and I could run our race.
The kids weren't quite awake, but seemed pretty excited for us.

Loving this age

Caitlin is at that age that almost everything she says cracks me up.

Today she started sneezing and coughing. It sounded really close to real, but not quite. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she wanted to go see the doctor again. She likes "Matthew's mommy and the pink medicine". She kept faking sick and begging to go. 
I remembered that Matthew has left a little stuffed bunny at our house and we hadn't connected yet to give it back. So we grabbed that and headed to the doctors office.
Thankfully she wasn't busy with patients and Caitlin got to see "her doctor Matthew's mommy".
She didn't get her pink medicine, but just seeing her must have worked because we didn't have one cough or sneeze after that.


Caitlin asked Dominic to help her because she was scared of the dark.
Dominic - "You'll have to ask Mommy because I'm scared of the dark too."
Caitlin - "But the monster with the big belly, green eyes, and sharpie claws is in there and I'm scared."
It's not George. Caitlin said his name is Rock Boy. (At least that's what it sounds like.)

Where do my kids come up with this stuff?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paintball addiction

Jon's enthusiasm for paintball was contagious. Since he'd purchased two markers I decided to join the guys today when they played. Only one other girl was able to join us and she was very unsure about being hit. I felt so bad when she was hit bad enough to break the skin and I wasn't hit once.

I had so much fun. although I'll admit that it might be because I was never shot. My desire to win kept me hiding quite a bit. I got several kill shots in, including to my dear husband. =)

I played three games and then headed up to the house to check on the kids. We (several moms) had hired a girl to babysit so we could either play or talk without a ton of kids running around under foot.
It worked great and we had a wonderful day.
We already have another day planned and I hope to have some more girls joining us. I now have a target on my back since I didn't get hit once. I'm quite sure I won't be so lucky next time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Photo courtesy of AlexanderCreative.

I found this on pinterest. It completely describes my son. He's wild and crazy. He's loud and very dirty. But I love that little boy so much.

We went to the zoo on Monday. On Tuesday when I picked up Dominic from school the first thing I noticed were his pants. The knees were completely green. When I asked him about it he said he's had to slide for a game at recess.
Wednesday the same thing happened. I told him that he needed to be more careful. And in this pained voice he informed me that he HAD to slide.
"Do you want me to be caught? I'm the slowest one in school. Because Lauren is sick today. I HAD to slide mom."
I sighed and hoped that Thursday and Friday would be different. Rather a hopeless wish.
It can't be blamed entirely on that game. His pants have a very wide variety of dirt on them.
Green - grass
Various shades of brown - I can only assume (and hope) it's dirt
Blue - pen?
Grey - pencil
White - glue or craft projects?
Purple - I'm at a complete loss
Red - I'm hoping it's not blood, but who really knows

I have four pairs of what use to be very nice khaki pants that are now little boy colored. I'm just hoping that I can get most of the stains out or he'll be wearing his version of camouflage to school tomorrow.