Saturday, November 5, 2011

Field Trip

On Monday Dominic had a field trip to the zoo. Caitlin and I came along for the ride.
The kids had so much fun and it was nice to spend some extra time with Dominic. 
I miss him now that he's in school.

Caitlin was a bigger hit than I had anticipated. The zoo is huge so I brought her stroller. This little guy pushed her almost the entire time. His mom informed me that it was because of the wheels. Sure enough, he pushed the stroller even when she wasn't in it, making car noises the whole time. 
It was precious!
 Caitlin getting a kiss! I won't print Jon's response. =)
This bamboo was a hit and great for taking pictures.
Man, I love this kid!
 Dominic's beautiful teacher. 
She's wonderful and we thank God for her every day!
 Most of the kids. A couple refused to cooperate.
Dominic with the elephants.
 Caitlin wore her lunch.
These birds would land on you and Dominic was a bit jumpy.
My sweet little girl!
 Dominic and a classmate.
We had so much fun that we are planning a trip back as a family very soon.

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