Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He's Able!

Dominic was singing a song today and it took me a while to figure out what it was. Here is his version:
"He's terrible, He's terrible, I know He's terrible. I know my God is terrible to carry me far."
I gently corrected him and now he's singing it correctly, but it sure was cute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting closer!

I had my next to last doctor appt today and he told me that while he doesn't think I'll go into labor this week, that I'm dilated to 3 cm. I am very excited. I know that this can last for weeks, but it makes it seem to much more real now. I've gotten everything ready and now I'm just waiting. Only 16 more days!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Jon and Dominic were playing with blocks last night. Not sure whose idea it was to put them on their heads.
Somehow I got sucked into the game as well. Jon thought it was funny and suggested that I put this on the blog. Funny how we never ended up w/ pictures of him w/ blocks on his head.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


It is after 1 am in the morning and I can't sleep. I suppose I could list all of the things that go or feel wrong when I lay down, but I'm tired of complaining. So I thought I'd get some thoughts out and try to go back to sleep.
It's only 20 days or 3 weeks and 6 days until I get to hold my little girl. I'm not ready as far as buying diapers and washing her clothes, but I am SOOO ready as far as meeting her. It will be nice to eventually roll over too. =) The 1st pregnancy was so exciting because it was new and everything was a new experience. While this pregnancy has been totally different in almost every way, I've gotten tired of being pregnant much quicker. I'm impatient to begin the next part of our lives as a family of four. I'm ready to be done with the waddle and fat belly. I'm ready to hold my little girl.
I can't help trying to imagine what she's going to be like. Will she be dark at 1st like Dominic? Will she be a good baby like he was? She's already more wiggly, so probably not much hope of her being a still and docile child, but I can hope. =)
It won't be long now and I'll be tired for a totally different reason. But I'm crazy enough to actually be looking forward to it. Guess I'd better go back to bed and at least try to sleep. I still have church and a 2 yr old to deal with tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting closer!

I only have 25 days left until I get to meet my little girl. I'm getting so excited to meet her and hold her. Jon and Dominic seem pretty excited as well, so this little girl had better be ready for us! =)
This will be the last or next to last picture that we take of my belly for the scrapbook before we can actually see what she really looks like.

Just stuff about Dominic!

I know that the tune of my blogs will change as my kids get older. I've been warned about that. But right now it seems that the good days far out way the bad and I can't get over how cute and precious my son is. Even when I have "bad" days with him I can still smile at how entertaining he can be.
Tonight I was unpacking the suitcase from our trip. (As a side note to all pregnant women - don't take a trip when you have a 2 yr old and are 8 1/2 months pregnant.) I put all of the dirty clothes in a pile and was putting away the clean items. Jon started laughing and I came around the corner to see Dominic putting on a pair of Jon's socks that had been in the dirty pile. He then spent the next hour moving that pile of dirty clothes all over the house. He'd move it and then dive into it.
This next picture is of Dominic proudly showing me a "boogie" he'd picked out of his nose. Notice the tissue in his hand that isn't being used? I'm not sure if it's a kid thing or a boy thing, but he's very fascinated w/ his nose and pulling things out of it.
Jill watched him the other day while I had a drs. appt and he was supposed to be taking a nap. He started crying and when she went in to check on him, he told her he "had boogies". He had very neatly lined them all up on her head board. =) It's a good thing she has a little boy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dominic is fully potty trained, but drinks to much water to make it through the night w/out a diaper or a pull up. We wake him up right before we go to bed and have him go, but he still doesn't make it through the night.
So last night I grabbed some night time pull ups I'd bought. Turns out that I'd gotten a size too big. So before I could put them up Dominic decided that he'd try using it as a hat. At first he walked around "blind" and then he found the leg hole to look out of. The pictures aren't the greatest because he wouldn't be still, but I think you'll get the idea.
He has new "ideas" every day that keep me on my toes. Yesterday he flushed the toilet w/ his nose. Can't say as I saw that one coming. When people told me that having kids was an adventure I had no clue. But I'm probably ten times healthier than I was before. Because isn't laughter good for your health?

Toddler Parade

Every year our town has a toddler parade. It's usually the day of Halloween and it allows the little kids to wear their costume as they walk down main street in town and at the end they have food and games. I like it because we live out in the middle of nowhere and so Dominic doesn't get to do the traditional trick-or-treating. I wouldn't let him eat the candy anyways so it seems rather pointless.
I asked him what he wanted to be and he said either a monster or a dragon. So I finally found a costume at the consignment store that he really liked. Thankfully we had several kid's parties that he was able to attend because he LOVED wearing this thing.
This is Andy, Lilly and Dominic before the parade started. It was pretty cold that morning so we had them layered in clothes under their costumes. Looked funny, but they didn't seem to care.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

George again

Last night after putting Dominic to bed I heard a frantic cry. I rushed in there and he informed me that George (see previous blog) was stuck inside his water bottle and he (Dominic) was afraid to get a drink. "I'm thirsty Mom. Can you make him come out?" So I dutifully opened the top and told George to get out and go to bed like a good little monster. Dominic was happy and was able to drink his water. Where in the world did this child get his imagination?