Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taco/Christmas Bell

I got out some cookie cutters for Dominic to use with his play-doh. "Look! There's a Taco Bell." It was a Christmas bell. Sigh! Is it sad that our child thinks of Taco Bell before Christmas? =)

Every morning when Caitlin gets her milk before breakfast, Dominic asks for milk too. He usually asks for it in a sippy cup like hers. Then he'll lay beside her to drink it. But for some reason today he wanted a regular cup and then ran to get his little chair to sit beside her.Caitlin LOVES the dishwasher. I usually don't open it until she's sleeping to keep this from happening. But it was partially open and she pulled it the rest of the way open and climbed right in. Thankfully the dishwasher was mostly empty and the few dishes left were clean.

Jon's Birthday

On Tuesday (the day before Jon's birthday) I told Dominic that it was Daddy's birthday tomorrow and showed him what "we" had gotten him. Jon had requested several movies. Dominic was all excited and was having a hard time keeping it a secret. As soon as Jon walked in the door Dominic greeted him with "Daddy, it's your birthday tomorrow and we have a present for you hidden in the bedroom." I stopped him from telling what the present was, but just barely. Jon was, of course, amused. Then later that evening Jon turned on the tv in the bedroom to check the weather. Dominic was sitting at the table playing and yelled to Jon. "Daddy, are you watching your birthday movie?" Thankfully Jon didn't hear, but I learned my lesson about telling a 3 yr old to keep a secret. =)
Dominic was so excited to make Jon's "cake" (a layered dessert) that he requests every year. He wanted candles and us to sing to him. I guess now that we have kids our birthdays won't be able to pass by unnoticed. =)

A dear friend of ours volunteered to watch the kids so Jon and I could go on a date. So we went and saw Avatar. It certainly wouldn't have been my choice, but I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.
Happy Birthday, Jon! And a big thank you to Seka for being such a great friend.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas II

I forgot to post the pictures from our Christmas lunch. We have spent several Christmas lunches with Dina and Kevin. Sometimes at our house and sometimes at theirs. This year Dina invited us to her house and we had a wonderful lunch.Dina was showing Dominic how to fold his napkin like hers.Caitlin was more interested in messing with the table cloth.
Dina was so sweet and got presents for everyone. Caitlin loved the bows as much as the present.Dominic loved his present and convinced Dina to play a game with him.Thank you Kevin and Dina for making our Christmas so special.

Some random pictures

We went to the aquarium yesterday and although the lighting isn't very good for taking pictures I got a few cute ones. Caitlin is getting old enough now that she enjoys looking at everything. She could have stayed for hours watching the fish at the shark tank.Dominic trying to touch the sting rays. Not sure if he ever touched them, but he was quite damp when he finished.Dominic talking very seriously on the phone with Grammy and Gramps.

Tasty toothpaste

In the car - "Mommy, it sure is quiet in here when I'm not talking."

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for Caitlin and Daddy and Mommy and sucking toothpaste off of toothbrushes because it's so tasty. Amen!"

Sunday, December 27, 2009


"Mom, come here. Daddy did something wrong. You need to punish him."
"Okay, I'll give him a good smack. Will that work?"
"Yes, mommy."
So I gave Jon a big kiss. And then proceeded to give Dominic and Caitlin one too.
"NO! Don't Mommy. I didn't do anything wrong!"

Never did find out what it was that Jon did wrong.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

This first picture was taken last week right before church. The kids (mostly Dominic) were too excited this morning to stay still.This is the best attempt at a picture this morning.Dominic woke us up at about 6:30am this morning with a very excited whisper "Daddy, there's PRESENTS under the tree!"
"I know Dominic, but it isn't morning yet. Please go back to bed."
Sigh "Okay, but the presents are HERE!"
He lasted about 30 minutes and then came in again asking if he could eat the cinnamon rolls. When asked whether he was looking forward to presents or cinnamon rolls the most he said "I'm looking forward to cinnamon rolls AND presents." We talked to him until Caitlin woke up then talked about our blessings while we waited on little bug to finish her milk.
I don't have a fireplace anymore so just put the stockings leaned up against the presents. Both kids enjoyed their stockings. I really think I could have ended things there and they would have been fine. Caitlin pulled the first thing out and started playing with it. We had to show her there was more in the stocking.I think she enjoyed the paper as much as the gifts.
They both liked this little tent the best. I had thought it came with a tunnel, but am glad that it doesn't. Were would I fit it in my tiny house. =)The kids LOVED the cinnamon rolls this morning. Dominic very carefully licked all of the icing off the top and sides and then informed us that he didn't want the crusts.Caitlin ate the whole thing, even the crumbs.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
Making Cinnamon Rolls
Chicken & Pastry
Hot Chocolate
Lights on the Tree
Christmas Music
Kids dancing to Christmas Music
The Christmas Story
Early bedtime so we could put presents under tree
The Santas stole two cinnamon rolls - What!? There weren't any cookies!
Not being able to sleep due to excitement!!!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Caitlin's adventure

I was sitting with the kids and had turned around for just a second (isn't that always when things happen). I heard an excited squeal and turned around. What shocked me was not the precarious situation that she was in. It was that it was Caitlin and not Dominic perched on a mobile "ladder" trying to get something out of reach. Thankfully I had the camera sitting right beside me (when does this ever happen?) and took a picture before I helped her get the toy she was after.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random stuff

We were leaving a restaurant after lunch today and I noticed Caitlin had filled her diaper. So I headed to the bathroom with her and Dominic. When we got there Dominic decided that he had to go to the bathroom as well.
"Mom, I think this is going to be a really big poop job so I'm going to need lots of privacy."

I made some more clips for Caitlin and also some for my nieces for Christmas. This is becoming an expensive hobby. =)I'm the type of person that researches something to death if I'm interested in it. So when I found out I was pregnant I read all of the books I could get my hands on and listened to all of my friends talk about their experiences. If only parenting was that simple. I need some serious advice.
Dominic was playing today at Fit & Fun with a little boy. They had a rope and were playing their version of tug of war. They had been doing this off and on all morning. Dominic's little (bully) friend came up and wanted to be first in line with the rope. When he didn't get his way he proceeded to punch and shove Dominic. Finally Dominic had had enough and punched him back. I might add that the mom was watching the whole time. The boy burst into tears and ran to tattle to his mom. Dominic went back to playing, but was obviously upset. I asked him later why he didn't come talk to me or walk away. "Because then he'd take my rope and wouldn't let me play any." The little boy came to me and tried to tattle as well. Didn't go quite as he had hoped.
The moms I was sitting with were appalled and asked me why I didn't talk to the mom. Been there, done that. Didn't do any good.
So my question is this - Do I allow my child to punch if he's been punched first? Should he defend himself or turn the other cheek? Should I teach him to tattle also? This child is involved in almost everything we are so avoidance will only hurt Dominic by taking him away from friends and activities he enjoys. The books aren't being very helpful right now! =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caitlin's 1 year pictures

I've had Dominic's picture taken near his birthday each year. This was Caitlin's first birthday picture. At our family picture she didn't want to smile so I was a little nervous. But she was full of smiles and took so many great pictures that I had a hard time choosing which ones to buy. The photographer said she was a dream to photograph because she sat so still and didn't move around. Guess Dominic is a photographer's nightmare. =)This is my favorite picture.She LOVED this little chair. She kept giggling and rubbing her hands along the arms of the chair.This is Jon's favorite picture.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Grammy

Grammy sent Dominic some stickers in the kid's Christmas card. He immediately put them all over himself and his water bottle. Thanks Grammy! =)The temperature was about 35 degrees today so I dressed the kids very warmly with coats and hats for church. Caitlin always falls asleep on the way home from church and misses lunch. So we have started feeding her lunch right before we head home and changing her into more comfortable clothes. She had changed, but was wearing her hat when I took this picture. She's really tired - notice the thumb.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Silly kids

I was putting away dishes and asked Dominic if he wanted to help me. "No thanks, mom. I'm VERY busy playing. It's going to take all day to get done."

"MOM! Come into my room and see all of the decorates (decorations) that I did to it!" He had taken almost all of his toys and lined them up along the bed and dressers. There wasn't a space left on any flat surface.

When Dominic learned the word abnegate he also learned the word deny. He hadn't used it until yesterday. I asked him if he had flushed the toilet after going potty. "Can I deny it?" Not sure why he'd want to, since I then promptly sent him back in to flush.

"Mom, come find me. I'm hiding!"Caitlin in her little poncho. She usually doesn't like hats so I'm glad she endured long enough for the picture.Putting her cracker into the hymnal holder on the pew. I'm very surprised that our church isn't overrun with ants. =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

I am so proud of Dominic

Today when I went to get Dominic from child care at MOPS I noticed he was sitting by the wall and was furious. He wasn't the only one. There were several kids in various stages of mad. I quietly asked Dominic what the problem was.
"I am SOOO angry with _____. He wouldn't let us be first in follow the leader. It was my turn and he stuckt out his leg and feld me. And then he went first. I'm so, so angry. Mom! I'm REALLY mad."
One of the little girls that was crying came running up to her mom who had followed me into the room and said "That mean boy is a bully. I DON'T like him!" Then she started crying all over again.
Of course, my reaction was to do something. But according to the teacher Dominic had put himself in the corner because "I'm too angry to play." And of all of the things he could have done, that was probably the best. So I decided to just let him talk out his anger and see what happened.
He talked for about 20 minutes about how angry and mad he felt and how he didn't like _____ anymore and didn't EVER want to play with him again. It finally got quiet in the back seat and then I heard his sweet little voice.
"Mom, I was angry at _____, but he's my friend so I'm going to give him another chance."

I was so proud of him. This isn't the first time this boy has done something to Dominic and yet each and every time my sweet little boy forgives. He doesn't forget, because sometimes he'll talk about how rude _____ is to his mommy and dad or how he (Dominic) doesn't like being hit or punched. This isn't to say that my child isn't aggressive, but it just astounds me when he's so forgiving and I love him for it.

I thought the conversation was done, but at lunch Dominic is eating and he says "Mom, I had to abnegate myself from the game, because I was so angry."
If I hadn't already busted my buttons when he was so forgiving I would have when he used this word correctly (for the most part). Yep! One very, very proud mom here!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Just a couple of random photos.Dominic made a "nest" with stuffed animals and blankets. Then he lifted Caitlin into this plastic storage bin and climbed in after her. She didn't seem to mind the rough treatment of landing head first into the bin. I guess all of the stuffed animals made her think it was nap time, usually the only time she sucks her thumb.Jon was putting a garbage disposal under the sink and Caitlin was "helping".

Gingerbread Houses

We went to Miss Melony's annual ginger bread house party. Dominic was so excited! He had been on sugar restriction for several days and was eagerly awaiting the sugar overload. =)
The houses are made of graham cracker and hot glue. Then each person gets a tray filled with little cups of candy, cereal, marshmallows, etc. Then we used royal icing to make the candy stick to the house.
Miss Melony and Dominic.Checking to see where he can add more candy and "sugar". To Dominic anything that is sweet is called sugar. He found out that not all candy is "sugar". He was allowed to eat the occasional piece of candy with my permission as we made the house. He tried licorice first and said "Yuck! I thought candy tasted good, Mom." Then later he tried peppermint and said it was "too hot and spicy."Miss Melony took our picture.
He was so careful about where he placed everything. He just didn't want to end when he filled the house so he made a garden, a walkway, a tree, and a bonfire outside the house.
I had been so proud of him for not tasting everything. Then the lady next to us mentioned that her entire thing of Twizzlers was missing. Dominic admitted that he'd eaten it. He'd also eaten most the M&Ms and some of the sugared cereal.I ended up making the one for Caitlin. This was right after her dr appt that I was informed that she needed to eat a lot of fat. But with my history of hyper I wasn't about to feed her candy. So I put her into this little bucket seat and she sat for most of the hour eating animal crackers and pretzels.

Needless to say, Dominic was wired all evening and is now on another sugar restriction. It isn't for his sake, IT'S FOR OURS!!!!

Caitlin's dr appt

Caitlin had her 1 yr. doctor appointment yesterday. She weighted 16lbs 12oz and is 27 3/4 inches long. Her head is 17 3/4 inches around. So she's still a tiny little girl. In fact, she's only gained a few oz since her last visit and the dr kept asking me if I was feeding her solids. So she is now on a high fat diet and they will be doing some tests at her 15 month visit if she hasn't gained any more weight by then. I told him that my mom was 4'11 and that I had been painfully thin growing up. He said he wasn't concerned this time, but would be next time if she still hadn't gained weight. She wasn't crazy about the visit due to the finger pokes and shots, but other than lack of weight gain is a healthy little girl.
Last night proved to Jon and I why our little girl isn't gaining weight. We gave her macaroni and cheese and broccoli. She ate a few bites of the mac & cheese and then ate all of the broccoli and asked for more. What normal child likes broccoli better than cheese. =) One of her favorite fruits is bananas, but I found out the other day that grapefruit is a close 2nd. She ate an entire grapefruit.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Party

We met the Bomars at a restaurant for a birthday supper for Sam and Caitlin. Janet did a great job on the little cakes for the kids.The birthday boy and girl.What do I do with it?Here! You can have it back.Hmmm. It's not so bad after all.Since Caitlin wasn't going to finish her piece Sam decided to "borrow" it.A very sleepy girl.

Fun Friday

Janet and I became friends through a mom's group when Dominic and Anna were less than a year old. Our two youngest are birthday buddies, born only a few hours apart in the same hospital. So this year we had the idea to have Anna and Dominic decorate cupcakes for their siblings birthday the next day.

They did really great at first.But then the licking started. =)And then very quickly after that the eating. Oh, well. It was a great thought in theory.Sam kept "borrowing" Caitlin's lunch. She would just watch him. It didn't seem to bother her.I guess she finally decided to share and was giving him a piece.Sam and Caitlin. Aren't they precious?!
Friday evening we went to the lighting of the tree downtown. Caitlin enjoyed watching the people.Jon and Dominic waiting for things to start.The wind was blowing so it felt pretty cold.The tree! It was great to visit with friends while we waited. We'll miss you, Shuli!