Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taco/Christmas Bell

I got out some cookie cutters for Dominic to use with his play-doh. "Look! There's a Taco Bell." It was a Christmas bell. Sigh! Is it sad that our child thinks of Taco Bell before Christmas? =)

Every morning when Caitlin gets her milk before breakfast, Dominic asks for milk too. He usually asks for it in a sippy cup like hers. Then he'll lay beside her to drink it. But for some reason today he wanted a regular cup and then ran to get his little chair to sit beside her.Caitlin LOVES the dishwasher. I usually don't open it until she's sleeping to keep this from happening. But it was partially open and she pulled it the rest of the way open and climbed right in. Thankfully the dishwasher was mostly empty and the few dishes left were clean.

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