Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!

Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. Caitlin is one year old today.
We are having a little party tonight with Caitlin's birthday buddy. But I wanted to go a head and give her her gift and celebrate in some way today.She loved opening her gift. We got her a little cabbage patch preemie doll. She started giving it kisses as soon as I took it out of the package.Dominic, of course, had to get in on the action.

I had made banana bread muffins last night and so we spread some cool whip on it and stuck a candle in it.She wasn't sure what to do with the candle, but she devoured the muffin.Cool whip mustache.I'll post more pictures later, but I have this thing about getting a blog done on their actual birthday.

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