Saturday, March 27, 2010

Style and Taste

My children have tastes and styles all their own. Caitlin got this crown in a kid's meal. She has worn it every day since then. She put this on all by herself and if you can see through the hair she is very pleased with herself.Dominic, on the other hand, has some unusual tastes in clothing. He dresses himself every morning and I just didn't have the heart to tell him how he looked this time. So we went everywhere with him dressed like this.Caitlin at Taco Bell eating sour cream and nacho cheese by the handfuls. She would just put her little fist into the container and scoop out a handful and eat it. Other than the hand in the cup part she was being very neat and dainty about it too.

Museum day

A few weeks ago I asked Jon to give me a weekend away for my birthday. So we came to Raleigh and got a suite so the kids could have their own room. So far we've only gone to the children's museum. Both kids had a blast. Caitlin could actually enjoy it this time.I'm a store keeper today.Jon hurt his back a few days ago and so he spent most of the day watching us on a bench. Poor guy!Fire fighter to the rescue.Playing dolls.Deep sea diver.Aarrrgh! Two pirates!Dominic really liked the hockey arena. He would have played there all day.But I think his favorite part was the crashing into the floor and wall. I think he saw this during the Olympics.Rock climbing and surfing.Little princess/cheerleader.We met Jon's cousin Julie and her two kids at the museum.Caitlin and her cousin Winnie.Dominic and Lukas. Couldn't get the boys to be still long enough to get a good picture.Today was so much fun! We had been at the museum since about 9:30am and it was after 4pm when we left. Caitlin hadn't slept all day and even Dominic was getting tired. He asked if we could go home so he could take a nap. I KNEW he was tired then. But as we were leaving he asked if we could come back again soon. Now Caitlin and Jon are sleeping and Dominic is watching a video.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At the beach again

I know everyone enjoyed the nakey beach pictures so hate to disappoint you, but there aren't any this time.Sabbath after church we brought a picnic lunch and headed to the beach. Jon had been wanting to go to the aquarium for a while and we thought we'd add the beach as well. Dominic begged to go to the beach first. It was FREEZING!
Thankfully a friend had given me some size 7 clothes that her son had outgrown and I hadn't taken them out of the car yet. So I put a long sleeve shirt over Dominic's clothes and then put Caitlin into a hoodie sweatshirt. It engulfed her, but worked for the few minutes we were out there.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday nights

Friday Nights!

Banana Bread
Fruit Salad


Silly kids


Extra bath time

Lots of cuddling
I love Friday nights!

Happy Sabbath Everyone!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gramp's new wife

We were talking to Dominic about where he would live when he grew up. He told us that he wanted us to live with him when he was all grown up.
"But Dominic, you will have a wife and maybe you won't want us to live with you."
"Yes, I will. I'm going to marry Grammy and she won't mind if you live with us."
"But Gramps is married to Grammy."
"Well Gramps can just get another wife, because I'm going to have Grammy. And we're all going to live together."
Sorry Gramps! =)


Yesterday the weather was beautiful and Dominic was out "mowing" the lawn with his little push mower. Caitlin was inside taking a nap and I kept peaking out to check on Dominic. When I poked my head out the window to tell him it was quiet time he told me he was having problems with his lawn mower not working. "Mom, gravity is sticking." Guess the lawn mower kept getting stuck in the grass.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warning: N* Ahead!

We went with some friends to the aquarium and beach today. The weather was in the 70s and it felt wonderful. When we first walked into the aquarium there is a giant waterfall. It's pretty loud and Caitlin freaked out. She was trembling and wouldn't let me put her down for quite a while after wards. It's a bit dark in the aquarium and so between Caitlin and the lighting I didn't get very many pictures.Caitlin looks like a diva!Look at that precious little girl.The boys were "posing" for Jill. So I ran over and got a few pictures as well.Caitlin stealing Mikayla and Andrea's food."We're just going to look." I had brought a change of clothes, just in case. But had no intention of letting Dominic do more than get his feet wet.Then the pants get rolled up.Ahhhhhh! The water is freezing!Oops! Now my pants are wet.Then Dominic fell on his bum and apparently while I was taking pictures of other things the pants. . .. . .and then the underwear came off. But he's trying very hard to keep the shirt dry.Then he fell face first and the shirt came off.By the way, this water is so cold that Dominic's skin was beet red. It took my breath away just putting my feet in. He played in the water for at least 30 minutes. This is the child that won't let me come in the bathroom when he's going potty, but had no problem swimming naked in the ocean with a bunch of people watching. =)Caitlin and I with our toes in the sand.
*Certain words must be removed because of the disgusting people searching the internet for these words.

Monday, March 8, 2010

It fits, Mom!

Dominic was in my room having quiet time. When it ended he called for me to come into the bedroom so he could show me something.Caitlin is walking a lot better now. She is still very hesitant when walking, but will climb onto anything with no fear of falling. Which is very strange to me since she's fallen quite a few times and it's always more of a fall than if she was walking. But at least she's making the attempt now.

Caitlin is always getting food in her hair since it's so long. We didn't have time to give her a bath after lunch so I put her hair up. I think it looks so grown up and precious.

Bug in a rug

I came into the kitchen and saw this bump in my rug and Caitlin was giggling.Dominic has so much fun being "buried" and Caitlin is entertained just watching him.

New suit

Jon got a new suit and I asked him to let me take a picture. Dominic had to be included, of course.Dominic and Jon were making faces at me. After I finished taking pictures Dominic said "I'm stupid." He meant he felt silly. He had heard the word stupid a few days before and I'd told him it meant silly.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Silly stuff

Life has been a bit crazy around here since we got back from our ski trip. I have a ton of pictures and stuff to blog about. So I thought I'd start with all of the cute and silly things Dominic has been talking about.

"Do you know why my foot is rubbing your foot? It's because it loves you, cause I really, really love you, Mom."
I told him that was called playing footsie. A few days later we were at a friend's house and Dominic was sitting across from the little girl. They were both giggling and when I asked what was so funny. "We are playing footsie."

Dominic was out in the yard running around and making the funniest motions. His explanation for what he was doing -
"My shadow and I are playing handball." Looking around - "Where is he? Where did he go? Oh, there he is." And playing resumed.

Early one morning before I was completely awake, Dominic came running up to me and said "I'm going to enjoy all today has to offer." Then he laughed and ran off.

"Mom, please don't rerupt me when I'm talking."

Jon and I were talking about some deadlines and Dominic asked us why we were talking about dead lions.

"Mom, have you been married for 50 years?"
"No, Dominic, I've been married for 13 years."
Sigh! "Oh! I wanted to give you a golden anniversary party." He was so disappointed. =)