Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas begins. . .

Every year right after Thanksgiving I have my sweet husband drag the Christmas stuff out. We play Christmas music and set up the tree. This year we Jon even put up the outside lights.

We are now ready for the Christmas season to begin. It's my favorite holiday.
 Apparently it takes concentration to work the nutcracker.
 Lights! Probably the least favorite job.
 Our nativity scene. Read a blog once where the mom mentioned that she'd purchased an inexpensive nativity scene, because she wanted her children to play with it and feel a connection to the story.
So I followed her example and have really enjoyed watching them play. This arrangement is Caitlin's latest.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful Shots

Someday my life is going to slow down. But in the mean time, I'll be shoving some random shots on here to let you  know we are still alive.

And since November is ending I'll also post a few blessings.

Caitlin fell and hit the corner of her dresser drawer. So thankful that the only damage was this bruise.
 Dominic had special music for church last week. So thankful for his great school and teachers.
 Last week we went with some friends to the lake. So thankful for friends who drag us out for exercise in the cold. We had so much fun.
 Thankful for my adventurous little guy.
 Thankful for my silly little girl.
 Thankful we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family.
 I have been so very blessed. And I'm very grateful for those blessings.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dominic and I were talking about how close Caitlin's birthday was. Dominic had the idea that he play the birthday song while Jon and I sang to Caitlin. Slight kink in his plans - he doesn't know how to play that song and we don't have the music for it.

He seemed to think this was only a slight bump in the plans. Turns out he was right.
In less than a minute he had picked out the melody and was adding the harmony.
His teacher had mentioned that he had brought a guitar book to class and showed her how he could play songs out of it. She was really impressed because the book is a bit above his level so he had to use a certain amount of "playing by ear" to get the song right.
My entire musical talent consists of being able to sing just well enough so that people don't cover their ears. But that is the extent of it. So while I was impressed when I talked to her, I didn't really grasp what he was doing until I heard it this evening.

Dominic can now play the birthday song while Jon and I sing. 
Oh boy! Now I have to sing.

Twinkle Toes

Today I am thankful for baby twinkle toes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Dominic had a presentation at school yesterday. He had to research canyons and build a 3D canyon out of any material. He had so much fun building one out of Legos with his Daddy.
I thought I'd gotten a close up of the canyon, but sadly I can't find it. It was so cool with water, waterfalls, trees, and even a cave with a secret treasure chest in it.