Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daddy love

Jon was leaving to go caving with the Pathfinders.
So the kids ran to hug him good bye.
Caitlin has been sick since last night. So her hair is a mess and she just isn't as energetic as usual. This also means she's more cuddly and lovey. Definitely not a bad side effect.

School Presentation

Dominic had a school presentation a couple of weeks ago.
As soon as we entered the class  room, Dominic came to get Caitlin and seated her beside him. He is so proud of his sister and loves showing her his class.
 The first part of the presentation were the travel brochures the kids had written based on a book they'd read in class.
 They then moved to a picture they'd drawn at the back of the room.
 Waiting on the other kids to give their presentations.
Dominic playing with Caitlin's hair during the presentations.
  The third part of the presentation was about inventions.
Each child chose a different invention and researched it.
Dominic chose the Argon Lamp.
 He's so serious and cute!
Proud of my sweet boy. 
He's smart, amazing, and so loving with his sister.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spirit Week

Dominic has been looking forward to Spirit Week since school started. And I'll admit that after last year I was really looking forward to it as well. It is so fun to put our interpretation onto the theme of the day.

Day 1 - Crazy/Mismatch Day
Dominic wore a winter hat (that he picked out at the store himself)
a tank top, jeans and socks with flip flops. He looked sufficiently crazy.

 He's got the crazy part down!
 Dominic has an amazing teacher!

Day 2 - Hawaii Day
Caitlin was so excited because she had a lei as well. When we got to the school another student didn't have a Hawaii outfit so we lent her the lei.

Day 3 - Fancy Dress Day
This was my favorite. Dominic wears Polos and khakis to church. So we hit up several stores and then I found this hat. Perfect!
These two are just precious.

Day 4 - Future Day
Dominic changes his profession depending on what we are doing or what he's interested in at the moment. As soon as I got an outfit ready he'd change his mind. So we went with heaven. It was a bit more difficult than I'd anticipated.

Day 5 - Pajama Day
I had these cute pjs all picked out and Dominic BEGGED to wear these pants with a t-shirt. Since he mismatches his pajamas every night I figured this was probably more realistic and we went with it.
I'm so thankful for our awesome school that makes learning so much fun!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Dominic has been dying to lose a tooth. All of his classmates and friends have already lost one, but he just couldn't seem to wiggle one loose. At the beginning of the year he informed me that one was lose, but I didn't believe him. When at the dentist a couple of months ago he was informed that four were in different stage of being loose.The bottom one has been wiggly for about a month now. So I knew it was only a matter of time.

Tonight was the night. He was eating supper and bumped it with his fork. When I checked it out I could tell it was about to fall out. So I told him to go in the bathroom and brush his teeth. Sure enough, I heard this shriek and he came out to show me this in his hand.
Isn't this the cutest look?!
(minus the blood)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day

Today we headed up to Hendersonville to run the Frostbite New Years Day race. Dominic wanted to run the Fun run so I signed him up. A couple of days ago my niece, Leila (Zeb's daughter) decided she wanted to come with Grandpa and run with Dominic.

 I forgot to time them, but Dominic came in somewhere just after 8 minutes
 and Leila just shy of 9 minutes. I was really impressed for kids who never practice. In fact, this was Leila's first race.
 They were pretty proud of themselves. They still had so much energy that they (mostly Leila) begged to go with me in the 10k.
The info about my race is on my other blog. You can check it out here.