Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spirit Week

Dominic has been looking forward to Spirit Week since school started. And I'll admit that after last year I was really looking forward to it as well. It is so fun to put our interpretation onto the theme of the day.

Day 1 - Crazy/Mismatch Day
Dominic wore a winter hat (that he picked out at the store himself)
a tank top, jeans and socks with flip flops. He looked sufficiently crazy.

 He's got the crazy part down!
 Dominic has an amazing teacher!

Day 2 - Hawaii Day
Caitlin was so excited because she had a lei as well. When we got to the school another student didn't have a Hawaii outfit so we lent her the lei.

Day 3 - Fancy Dress Day
This was my favorite. Dominic wears Polos and khakis to church. So we hit up several stores and then I found this hat. Perfect!
These two are just precious.

Day 4 - Future Day
Dominic changes his profession depending on what we are doing or what he's interested in at the moment. As soon as I got an outfit ready he'd change his mind. So we went with heaven. It was a bit more difficult than I'd anticipated.

Day 5 - Pajama Day
I had these cute pjs all picked out and Dominic BEGGED to wear these pants with a t-shirt. Since he mismatches his pajamas every night I figured this was probably more realistic and we went with it.
I'm so thankful for our awesome school that makes learning so much fun!

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richies said...

Looks like Dominic had a lot of fun

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