Saturday, January 26, 2013

School Presentation

Dominic had a school presentation a couple of weeks ago.
As soon as we entered the class  room, Dominic came to get Caitlin and seated her beside him. He is so proud of his sister and loves showing her his class.
 The first part of the presentation were the travel brochures the kids had written based on a book they'd read in class.
 They then moved to a picture they'd drawn at the back of the room.
 Waiting on the other kids to give their presentations.
Dominic playing with Caitlin's hair during the presentations.
  The third part of the presentation was about inventions.
Each child chose a different invention and researched it.
Dominic chose the Argon Lamp.
 He's so serious and cute!
Proud of my sweet boy. 
He's smart, amazing, and so loving with his sister.

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