Saturday, March 16, 2013

My cute kids!

I have quite a few pictures that are really not enough to fit in a separate post so here they all are.

The kids were helping me make a new dessert. I'll eventually post about it on my other blog.
 Caitlin has this thing about keeping the "wet" off of her mouth. Almost every meal she needs a napkin so she can keep the wet off. So she's wiping her mouth with her apron in this picture.
 One of our many tiny snowfalls.
 Dominic begged and begged for me to have a kids pottery party.
 They both loved it, so we plan to do it again in the summer when the kids can jump in the sprinklers after they finish to wash off the paint.
 "Hey guys look! I'm a dog and my tongue is waggling all around in the wind."
 "My silly brother."
 But it sure looked fun!
 Caitlin and her friend on a nature hike.
The bags were for any treasures they might find.
Just in case you might have missed it - My kids are the cutest, funniest, and awesomest* kids in the whole world. Love them!

*Spell check tells me this isn't a word. Clearly it hasn't met my kids yet.


I was talking to Dominic about a friend of ours and made the comment -
"She thinks you are the cutest thing ever."
His response -
"Just like everyone else does."
And the thing that got me was that he was in complete seriousness.


I had a pottery party last night and when a friend of mine left, Dominic commented on how beautiful and adorable she was. When I asked him if he knew what adorable meant he said "little and really, really cute." My friend is tiny. And I think Dominic is half in love. =)


Dominic told a classmate that she looked like a rockstar when commenting on her new hair cut. I was surprised, because he likes long hair on girls, but this was apparently a shorter cut. But he told me he loved it, hence the rockstar comment.


Dominic and some of his classmates were talking with their teacher about how tired she was that morning. Dominic comes out with the seemingly random comment "My mom is probably laying on the couch right now taking a rest." What?!
So that evening I asked him what he meant by that.
He truly thought I came home every day from dropping him off and spent the day reading and resting on the couch waiting on him to get home.
Funny thing was about the time he was saying this, I was out running 6 miles. And that day I didn't come home until after I'd picked him up from school. Guess I need to educate my dear son on the jobs of a stay-at-home mom.


Dominic lost another tooth over spring break.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random cuteness

Dominic is slightly obsessed with beyblades. Caitlin was trying to tell me the name of one of them.
"Mom, I'm family owned."
I started laughing and I think that's what clued her in that she'd said it wrong. Apparently she was trying to say she was Fang Leone.

Dominic just told me he doesn't want to be around when Caitlin and I do our nails because the nail polish is ferocious.
Caitlin is playing with Dominic's legos and quietly singing "My ears are too big for myself." Dominic and I are laughing our heads off and she hasn't even noticed.

Caitlin came out of her room wearing a long sleeve shirt and shorts. I told her to go back into her room and put pants on because it was cold outside.
"But Mommy, I'm staying inside today."
"Caitlin, we are going out this evening."
"But it's this day, not this evening."
She's still wearing her shorts. I can't argue with that kind of logic.

Jon was showing me some yoga poses I could do for my knees.
At least he was trying to.
 The kids decided to show us their version of the splits.


On Thursday Jon mentioned to me that it would be fun to take our camper out on its maiden voyage. 
We wanted to use this trip to iron out any kinks in our plans. Our camping lists are for tent camping and the camper isn't completely finished.
So on Saturday afternoon we hooked it up to the truck and headed back to Edgar Evans State Park. It's close and the campsites level so we knew we could handle any issues we might encounter.

Some friends joined us for the afternoon and we checked out a trail. I forgot my camera, so no pictures. But it was refreshing to see the tiny buds and flowers that assured me that spring is around the corner.

The kids brought their bikes and made friends with several of the other kids at the campground.

The kids watching Jon play a game on his iPod.
 Bear Bear joined us playing games.
 At the visitors center is a very tall tower that looks towards the Center Hill Dam.
 The kids and Jon got the tower shaking so much that I vacated rather quickly.
They clearly didn't inherit my caution with heights.
It was a super fun little trip. We learned a lot about what we still need to fix on the camper and what items need to be added to the list. Can't wait for our next trip.