Saturday, March 16, 2013

My cute kids!

I have quite a few pictures that are really not enough to fit in a separate post so here they all are.

The kids were helping me make a new dessert. I'll eventually post about it on my other blog.
 Caitlin has this thing about keeping the "wet" off of her mouth. Almost every meal she needs a napkin so she can keep the wet off. So she's wiping her mouth with her apron in this picture.
 One of our many tiny snowfalls.
 Dominic begged and begged for me to have a kids pottery party.
 They both loved it, so we plan to do it again in the summer when the kids can jump in the sprinklers after they finish to wash off the paint.
 "Hey guys look! I'm a dog and my tongue is waggling all around in the wind."
 "My silly brother."
 But it sure looked fun!
 Caitlin and her friend on a nature hike.
The bags were for any treasures they might find.
Just in case you might have missed it - My kids are the cutest, funniest, and awesomest* kids in the whole world. Love them!

*Spell check tells me this isn't a word. Clearly it hasn't met my kids yet.

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richies said...

They definitely are cute. We have discussions with their grandma about whose grandkids are the cutest. :)