Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random cuteness

Dominic is slightly obsessed with beyblades. Caitlin was trying to tell me the name of one of them.
"Mom, I'm family owned."
I started laughing and I think that's what clued her in that she'd said it wrong. Apparently she was trying to say she was Fang Leone.

Dominic just told me he doesn't want to be around when Caitlin and I do our nails because the nail polish is ferocious.
Caitlin is playing with Dominic's legos and quietly singing "My ears are too big for myself." Dominic and I are laughing our heads off and she hasn't even noticed.

Caitlin came out of her room wearing a long sleeve shirt and shorts. I told her to go back into her room and put pants on because it was cold outside.
"But Mommy, I'm staying inside today."
"Caitlin, we are going out this evening."
"But it's this day, not this evening."
She's still wearing her shorts. I can't argue with that kind of logic.

Jon was showing me some yoga poses I could do for my knees.
At least he was trying to.
 The kids decided to show us their version of the splits.

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