Sunday, December 28, 2008


I heard an interesting conversation in the bathroom today. Jon was shaving and Dominic was watching.
"Daddy, can I PLEASE shave?"
"No, Dominic, only grown-ups can shave"
"No, Dominic."
"But Daddy I'm so scruffy!"
A pause -
"Wow, you are pretty scruffy, but I think it's left-over breakfast, let's wash your face"
A big sigh! "Oh, okay."

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but Dominic's hands talk to each other. Mostly they just argue about things. But they've had some very enlightening (for me) conversations. It lets me have a peek into what my child is thinking. Today he informed us that his left hand was named
Dom Dom and his right hand was named Doc Doc. So I guess I was wrong about him not having an imagination to name things. Not sure where the names came from, but at least they aren't Tolkien and Caitlin. =)

Friday, December 26, 2008


If you aren't familiar w/ our monster George, please see previous blogs.

Today on the way home my mother-in-law and I could hear this conversation going on in the back seat. Dominic was trying to convince George to come into the car and put his clothes on. He was flying outside the car naked (or in Dominic's words "nakey bum"). Dominic told him to put on his shoes, then his pants. I guess he didn't want to put on his shirt so they had an argument and Dominic threw his shirt out the window. Then Dominic told him to go get our red car so he could follow us home. I told him that Daddy was driving the red car and Dominic said George needed to borrow it so he could drive home and be with us where he belonged. Then Daddy could drive it later.

We had been to Walmart earlier to pick up a few things and his Grammy had gotten him a teddy bear. Dominic has no imagination when it comes to naming things. Everything is Tolkien (our cat) right now. So Grammy had to help him name the bear.

Yet this child can clearly picture a monster that is red, flies (sometimes naked), talks to him and can drive red cars. Go figure!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas & other things.

Here are a few random pictures that I wanted to post. They really don't go together, but I didn't want to do a separate blog for each one.
Dominic really enjoyed his Christmas. We had it early since Jon's dad had to leave on Monday to return home. Dominic got some more tools so he can help his Daddy. I think they were his favorite.

Caitlin's hair is pretty straight except for her little cow lick. But it always gets curly when it gets wet. She had her 1st bath on Saturday night. She didn't like it very much.
We went with the Clarks to see the lights. There is a family just a few miles from us that goes all out every year for Christmas w/ their lights. They include 3 homes and a huge field in between. The boys love running around all of the displays.
Not sure if you can see Dominic. He's inside the lights.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pregnancy pictures a little late.

Jill took these pictures of me the day before I had Caitlin. She is excellent with a camera and I'm so thankful I have these. I know I'm a little late posting them since I have already posted pictures of our little angel. But I like them, so, better late than never.
Jill took a ton of pictures, but this next one is my favorite. Isn't Dominic precious?!

More pictures!

Here are some random pictures that I'm throwing into my blog while I talk about Caitlin's first week home. I know it's only the 1st week, but this little girl is a doll. She only cries when she's hungry and is very alert for large periods of the day.
I was playing with the color settings on my camera. She looks like a porcelain doll.

Look at the cheeks on this kid!
My mom came to help while I was at the hospital and for about a week after. Dominic had fun w/ his grandma and I think it helped the transition. He certainly adores his little sister when he remembers that she's here. =)
Here is a picture of Dominic opening a present from Grandpa. He has gotten so many presents from friends and family who don't want him to feel left out that a few days ago he saw a bag w/ a dirty diaper in it and got excited thinking it was a present for him. Talk about disappointed. Poor kid is going to have a rough January. =)
This next picture isn't very clear. But I had to put a picture of the suitcase/backpack that Caitlin "brought" Dominic from the hospital. It was full of books. He was so excited.
We have been reading this little book for the past 2 months about a new baby coming to our house and Dominic being a big brother. Part of the books says babies are "Too little to walk. Too little to talk. Too little to play with toys. Too little to eat pizza or apples or ice cream." Dominic loves this book and can repeat most of it word for word. So I'm not sure why he didn't question Caitlin getting him a gift. But I think he was too excited to question a present from anyone.

Monday, December 8, 2008

She's Here!!!!!!

Our little girl is FINALLY here. I tried Thursday night to post one last picture of me pregnant and my computer wouldn't let me up load any pictures. So now you can see me w/ a bit less stomach.

We got to the hospital at 7am and Caitlin Brianna Murrell was born at 8:46am. She weighed the exact same as Dominic at 8lb 11oz. She was an inch shorter at 20 inches. It is amazing how much they look alike. Jon and my mom also think she looks like me. I just couldn't stop looking at her hair.
She is pretty good at sucking her finger already.
Jon was enjoying his daughter while I was in recovery. Looks like he was having more fun. =)
Dominic is absolutely in love with his little sister. Jon took some video of him and that caught his look of awe. He wants to hold her all the time and copies everything that I do with her. It is precious. In this pictures he's fascinated with her id bracelet.
This is right before we left the hospital. She has her brother's cheeks. Guess it was all of the chocolate that I ate while pregnant. =)
I know I'm biased, but I think she's beautiful.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ginger Bread House

I found this blog and realized I'd never posted it.!

Melony had her annual ginger bread house party. Dominic has never gone before and so this year it was interesting to get his reaction. He doesn't eat candy. EVER! So I naively hoped that he would make the house and we wouldn't have to deal with the sugar part of it.
Boy, was I ever wrong. He started shoveling that candy in faster than Alyssa and I could stop him. I've never seen a kid eat so fast. Once I explained to him that he had to use the candy to build the house he calmed down and helped us make his little house. It was pretty cute.
Alyssa came with us because I'd been having a few contractions and needed to make sure I had a back up plan if I went into labor. She was a great help while I ran my errands as well. I wish I could keep her here. Dominic adores her and will miss her when she's gone.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Poor little kitty!

Dominic loves his kitty very much!!! He is always trying to hug him and carry him. Dominic weighs about 30 lbs and Tolkien weighs about 15 lbs. So it is very difficult for Dominic to hold on to him for long. We try to rescue kitty as much as possible.
Not sure if you can see kitty. He's being squished.
A couple of days ago, Dominic decided that kitty needed to have the Bible read to him. Dominic sat down beside him and every time the poor cat tried to move, Dominic would put him back on the couch and say "No, kitty! I'm not done reading yet!"

Christmas Tree

This last Saturday night we decided to put up our tree. We had so much help!
Dominic liked the wooden cranberries the most. He put them around his neck and informed us he was a princess. We corrected him and now he's a prince w/ a cranberry necklace.
He pulled out all of the stockings that I've accumulated over the years. He put the pet stockings on his feet and tried to get Jon to wear the larger ones. Finally he put the big ones on and he and Jon wore the Santa hats.
We had help putting the ornaments on as well.
Since we let him put ornaments on the bottom of the tree by himself the bottom looks very interesting. He put the pet stockings on as well.