Saturday, December 13, 2008

More pictures!

Here are some random pictures that I'm throwing into my blog while I talk about Caitlin's first week home. I know it's only the 1st week, but this little girl is a doll. She only cries when she's hungry and is very alert for large periods of the day.
I was playing with the color settings on my camera. She looks like a porcelain doll.

Look at the cheeks on this kid!
My mom came to help while I was at the hospital and for about a week after. Dominic had fun w/ his grandma and I think it helped the transition. He certainly adores his little sister when he remembers that she's here. =)
Here is a picture of Dominic opening a present from Grandpa. He has gotten so many presents from friends and family who don't want him to feel left out that a few days ago he saw a bag w/ a dirty diaper in it and got excited thinking it was a present for him. Talk about disappointed. Poor kid is going to have a rough January. =)
This next picture isn't very clear. But I had to put a picture of the suitcase/backpack that Caitlin "brought" Dominic from the hospital. It was full of books. He was so excited.
We have been reading this little book for the past 2 months about a new baby coming to our house and Dominic being a big brother. Part of the books says babies are "Too little to walk. Too little to talk. Too little to play with toys. Too little to eat pizza or apples or ice cream." Dominic loves this book and can repeat most of it word for word. So I'm not sure why he didn't question Caitlin getting him a gift. But I think he was too excited to question a present from anyone.

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Shuli said...

Tima and Jon, you two are blessed and got such beautiful kids! Dominic is a big boy now, as cute as before. :)

Merry Christmas!