Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random moments

This first picture was taken the day after the 4th. The day before had included sun, tons of playing with friends and a late bedtime. The next morning we woke her up and headed to the movies with a friend. She fell asleep in the car on the way to the restaurant and didn't wake up on the way in. We tried, but nothing worked. So we pulled the chairs out and she slept while we ate, slept getting back into the car, driving home, going into the house and for another hour in her bed. Baby girl was exhausted.
 We had the most hilarious time at the lake a few weeks ago. Some friends had invited us to go to the lake with them. We went to a secluded inlet and ate supper.
We played until almost dark and then got into the boat to head back. But the boat wouldn't start. After two engineers tried working on it, we decided to try to paddle back. So using throwable flotation devices and flipflops we limped our way back to the dock. For some reason it struck me as funny and I laughed almost the entire way. Several boats saw us, but were either too drunk or too selfish to come help us. Although if I saw a small boat with four adults and five children all laughing their heads off and towing a giant yellow blob, I might not help either.
We were almost to the dock and a jet ski offers to give us a tow. Dear sweet soul tows us to the wrong dock. So we unloaded the kids and the poor men had to hand paddle to the other dock. It was a fun and hilarious time. So thankful for friends who keep me healthy by providing laughter and exercise.

Out of order

I used our oldest camera for the race so that if it messed up we still had two cameras. When I dumped them onto the computer I found a whole bunch that I'd forgotten were on there. So even though they are out of order, I thought I'd share.

Jon decided to take Dominic on a Daddy & Son back packing trip.
 Dominic sound asleep in his "tent".
 I have NO idea! =)
When talking about this trip yesterday Dominic made the comment -
"Oh, I remember that back pack. It was heavy. My back hurt for months after that."
Goofy boy!

Color Run II

Dominic was so excited about this race that he could barely sleep. Between the kids excitement, the midnight motorcycle race on the streets below, and the alarms that went off at the wrong times we were pretty tired when we woke up.
Poor Dominic! We forgot his shirt (he had to wear Daddy's), his shoes (he wore crocks), and his shorts (he wore the ones from Saturday). But this didn't dim his enthusiasm.
After a quick breakfast Dominic was wearing the color chocolate pre-race style.
We walked down to the water front and joined the throng of people waiting to run.

Our friends Pavielle and Evan who joined us.
Pre-race photo
The Color Run is for everyone!
The ladies (and several men-no they weren't gay) in tutus
 The guy with the broken leg
 And Moms with their little kids. 
Dominic was not the youngest by far. 
The youngest I saw was younger than 1 year old.
 Everyone was so nice. I didn't feel crowded or afraid of losing Dominic the entire time. Quite a few people offered to take pictures.
 We were supposed to hold our color packets until the end, but I noticed quite a few going off before.
 After our first station. Dominic was ecstatic.
Since Dominic was wearing his crocs and had never run more than a mile we decided to take it easy. We stopped for a picture after every color station and ran or walked as we felt like it. I have no idea what our time was, but we had fun!
After one of the stations.
 Dominic forgot to close his mouth at the last station. =)
 We were supposed to toss the color into the air. But Dominic didn't think he had enough on his shirt. So I poured mine on top of him.
 This meant that he was now covered in blue powder. It's been three days and I still can't get it off his scalp.

Every time we came across a "puddle" of powder Dominic would roll in it. This happened the entire race and afterwards.
 Post race photo
 My hands from the powder I picked up to throw at Dominic at the blue station.
 It was without a doubt the funnest race I've ever run!
 Dominic doing a funny dance. Little man had as much fun, or more than I did.
We walked the approx. mile back to the hotel. 
The kids wanted a picture with this horse.
Dominic was dead tired!

Color Run I

Our family headed up to Louisville, Kentucky for the weekend so that Dominic and I could run the 5k Color Run on Sunday.

We spent some of Saturday afternoon at this park near the river.
The kids had a blast.
 There was also a spray park. It was nice to cool down.
 When I went to wake up Caitlin, I noticed she was keeping her hands warm. =)
 We had fun exploring and eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

Friday, July 27, 2012

May the force be with you

Jon let the kids watch the first Star Wars movie a while back. He hasn't had any peace since then. Dominic and Caitlin were dying to see the rest of the movies. So on Wednesday they started the second movie. Yesterday was super, incredibly busy. But today we had some down time and I decided to have a day at home. The kids spent THE ENTIRE DAY playing Star Wars.

Dominic was ALWAYS a jedi knight. But Caitlin took turns being everything. She seemed to even relish being "a bad guy". But later I heard a disagreement between them. Caitlin wanted to be a jedi and a princess at the same time. But Dominic informed her that she couldn't be both.
Baby girl put her hands on her hip and very proudly announced -
"I'm a girl. And GIRLS can be anything they want to be. So there!"
I didn't hear an argument in return and she was soon sporting her princess outfit and fighting with her light saber. 

The conversation at the supper table was. . . You guessed it - Star Wars. Dominic has an amazing memory for movie lines and lyrics. So he was saying parts from the movie and Caitlin would guess who he was imitating or do her own. I overheard Dominic say this - "We have to get her. I can't live without her." Lots of laughing, then - "He's a horrible actor, but I still like that movie." 

May the force be with you!

Shaved heads and water babies

Monday the kids and I ran over to Knoxville to meet a friend from NC. About 20 minutes before we were supposed to head out the door Dominic announces that he HAS to have a mowhawk*. He been asking for one for several days and we just hadn't had time. So I (naively) assumed that it would be quick and easy and so agreed.

It wasn't quick and easy. If you see us around, don't look very closely. It is all kinds of crooked. But Dominic is happy and that is what really matters.
We met our friends at the marina and spent the day out on the boat. Their kids are still adorable and now there is a new little one. It almost made me want another one. =)
 I love this shot. She was hot and tired, but paused for a moment in her crying to check herself out.
 The kids asked to go on the jet ski every time an adult climbed on.
We had an amazing day. Came back exhausted. Oh wait, maybe that was just me. =)

*When I asked Dominic where he got the idea/desire for a mowhawk. He told me it was from watching Chopped on Food Network. Apparently someone on there had one that he loved and he wanted to emulate it.