Saturday, July 21, 2012

Play set

We Jon has a million projects going on at once. Our library still isn't completely finished, we still have some more painting to do and almost every room has a few more things to get it completely the way we want it. So I decided to add another thing to my poor husband's list.

I felt like the kids needed a play place. We have the swings under the pear tree, but they needed more. Especially when a ton of their friends come over to play. So I presented my plan to Jon and dear soul that he is, he started immediately.

First it was just a sand box. 
But eventually it took shape and became even more.

It still isn't finished. We I have a few more things I want him to do, but it's enough done that the kids have really been enjoying it. It's nice to send them into the back yard to play and not have them return bored a few minutes later.

I was going to wait to post these pictures, but then I realized that if I waited to post until it was complete it might never happen. At the very least I'd forget where I'd put the pictures I'd taken.

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