Saturday, July 21, 2012


Months ago Dominic told me that he wanted beyblades. He tried to explain, but this boy has a very wild imagination and I honestly thought he was making it up.
I mean, this is the kid that calls himself Mr. Boo-blay when he's wearing glasses. So how was I to know it was a real toy? =) It certainly sounded weird.
A couple of weeks ago we spent the day at a friend's house and he came running into the kitchen to get me.
"MOM! They have beyblades!!! Come and see!" 
Sure enough! 

We have this rule at our house. If you want something you have to wait a few days before buying it, just to make sure it's something that you really, really want.
The very next morning Dominic asked me if he could spend his money on a Beyblade.
So we went to the store and he carefully counted out his money and bought his first beyblade. He later found a stadium at a sale and was so excited to get it so cheaply.

He has since purchased a second one and is doing any and all odd jobs so he can get the "best" one. It's so cute to watch him working so hard for his toys. He's definitely taking better care of them now that he knows how much work it takes to earn the money.

For those of you, like me, who haven't a clue about Beyblades -

They are expensive tops!
Each person puts the rip cord into the bey and then attaches the blade. After a few twists the rip cord is pulled and the blade is released. Then the battle begins to see whose top can last the longest. Each blade has a different feature. So the more tops a person owns, the more he can judge his opponent and choose the correct blade to pit against him.

 A Beyblade
 His first two. He's working like a little slave to get enough money to buy more.*
 The beys and rip cords
He has spent hours playing with these things. And since a good game involves at least two people he's teaching his sister how to play as well. So while it seems a bit excessive for a top, I'm really liking these beyblades myself. =)

*Our reasoning for making him purchase this is simple. He will work harder and appreciate them more if he learns the value of a dollar. He's learning math skills, delayed gratification, negotiation skills (how much we'll pay him for each job), and good work skills. I want him to realize that work can be a good thing and that something worth working for is worth taking care of.

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