Friday, July 27, 2012

Shaved heads and water babies

Monday the kids and I ran over to Knoxville to meet a friend from NC. About 20 minutes before we were supposed to head out the door Dominic announces that he HAS to have a mowhawk*. He been asking for one for several days and we just hadn't had time. So I (naively) assumed that it would be quick and easy and so agreed.

It wasn't quick and easy. If you see us around, don't look very closely. It is all kinds of crooked. But Dominic is happy and that is what really matters.
We met our friends at the marina and spent the day out on the boat. Their kids are still adorable and now there is a new little one. It almost made me want another one. =)
 I love this shot. She was hot and tired, but paused for a moment in her crying to check herself out.
 The kids asked to go on the jet ski every time an adult climbed on.
We had an amazing day. Came back exhausted. Oh wait, maybe that was just me. =)

*When I asked Dominic where he got the idea/desire for a mowhawk. He told me it was from watching Chopped on Food Network. Apparently someone on there had one that he loved and he wanted to emulate it.

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