Friday, July 13, 2012

"Mother" of six

 This week has been an adventure. For a good part of the week I've been babysitting four extra children. Going from two to six wasn't quite as hard as I was expecting. All four kids are sweet, polite and hilarious. I've learned (overheard or been told) quite a few things this week. Here are just a few -

1. "You can disobey the law until you are 12 yrs old. Because that's the youngest they send kids to juvie."

2. "I want Diet Pepsi. Because my mom won't let me have Diet Coke. It has too many chemicals in it."

3. "Your car is really messy. But it doesn't even come close to my mom's car. You should see it!"

4. One kid, on finding out he was meeting my husband for lunch.
Boy -  "OMG. I'm so excited. Do you think he'd give me an autograph?" 
Me - "Uhm, I guess. Why in the world would you want that?"
Boy - "Because Dominic said he was a pilot just for fun. That means he's super rich. Like the richest person in Cookeville and I just can't wait to meet him."
(I almost peed myself on that one.)

5. People were crazy enough to assume that they were all mine. Can you imagine having twin eight year olds and then one every year for four years. Who would do that? And the funny thing was that not one child corrected the several people who mentioned it.

6. God is watching over you! 24/7 God is watching over you! (The kids had found the VBS cd and were singing and do the motions to the songs.)

This week has been fun. I'm exhausted, but it was nice to spend time with these precious kids. Tonight when Dominic was asked what he was thankful for he mentioned the "awesome week because I got to spend time with my friends and make a cool new one." I am thankful too.

Below are some extra pictures that I took this week. I, sadly, don't have any pictures of the boy that I watched. Boys are super hard to get pictures of since they are rarely still. And since I haven't perfected my "stop time" machine I didn't get any usable ones.
Aren't these girls precious?! I asked them if I could keep them. It warmed my heart when they paused (at least I made the assumption it was because they were considering it and not because they were too stunned to answer.), but they finally answered with a no. =(


Sharon said...

LOL!! I had no IDEA I had the richest man in Cookeville at my table!

Tima Murrell said...

Neither did I. Somehow he forgot to share that with his wife as well. =)