Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random moments

This first picture was taken the day after the 4th. The day before had included sun, tons of playing with friends and a late bedtime. The next morning we woke her up and headed to the movies with a friend. She fell asleep in the car on the way to the restaurant and didn't wake up on the way in. We tried, but nothing worked. So we pulled the chairs out and she slept while we ate, slept getting back into the car, driving home, going into the house and for another hour in her bed. Baby girl was exhausted.
 We had the most hilarious time at the lake a few weeks ago. Some friends had invited us to go to the lake with them. We went to a secluded inlet and ate supper.
We played until almost dark and then got into the boat to head back. But the boat wouldn't start. After two engineers tried working on it, we decided to try to paddle back. So using throwable flotation devices and flipflops we limped our way back to the dock. For some reason it struck me as funny and I laughed almost the entire way. Several boats saw us, but were either too drunk or too selfish to come help us. Although if I saw a small boat with four adults and five children all laughing their heads off and towing a giant yellow blob, I might not help either.
We were almost to the dock and a jet ski offers to give us a tow. Dear sweet soul tows us to the wrong dock. So we unloaded the kids and the poor men had to hand paddle to the other dock. It was a fun and hilarious time. So thankful for friends who keep me healthy by providing laughter and exercise.

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