Friday, July 27, 2012

May the force be with you

Jon let the kids watch the first Star Wars movie a while back. He hasn't had any peace since then. Dominic and Caitlin were dying to see the rest of the movies. So on Wednesday they started the second movie. Yesterday was super, incredibly busy. But today we had some down time and I decided to have a day at home. The kids spent THE ENTIRE DAY playing Star Wars.

Dominic was ALWAYS a jedi knight. But Caitlin took turns being everything. She seemed to even relish being "a bad guy". But later I heard a disagreement between them. Caitlin wanted to be a jedi and a princess at the same time. But Dominic informed her that she couldn't be both.
Baby girl put her hands on her hip and very proudly announced -
"I'm a girl. And GIRLS can be anything they want to be. So there!"
I didn't hear an argument in return and she was soon sporting her princess outfit and fighting with her light saber. 

The conversation at the supper table was. . . You guessed it - Star Wars. Dominic has an amazing memory for movie lines and lyrics. So he was saying parts from the movie and Caitlin would guess who he was imitating or do her own. I overheard Dominic say this - "We have to get her. I can't live without her." Lots of laughing, then - "He's a horrible actor, but I still like that movie." 

May the force be with you!

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