Wednesday, November 9, 2016


We have the strangest conversations every morning before school. My kids, especially Dominic, soak up information like sponges. We've researched waffles and when they originated. Yesterday we discussed politics and abortion.We've talked about tanning beds, marijuana, hedgehogs, and why muscles twitch after death. Some of these conversations leave me scratching my head at the direction they take. Kids definitely don't think like adults. And other times I'm in awe at the intelligence of my children.

This mornings conversation was on the number of children in a family and how the norm seems to go like a roller coaster. We talked about how many children were in the families all the way back to my great-grandparents. We talked about having an uncle the same age as you, and about surprise babies.

Then Caitlin popped up with this question -
"What if I accidentally have ten kids and don't know it?"

I about died and Dominic was right there with me.


Tonight I was loving on the kids right before they went to bed. I MIGHT have been doing a bit of tickling and aggravating. I told them to head to bed and Caitlin started to pout. 
"No fair. You didn't aggravate or irritate me as much as Dominic."