Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Random Photos

This is what happens when you lay down on the couch to rest.
Dominic and his Mem.
 I do not remember what is so funny to Dominic. But I love this picture.
 Dominic and one of his favorite teachers.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Not long after we returned from the beaches of NC, we had a ton of snow. It snowed multiple times and once it was over 9 inches deep. This meant lots of snow days and lots of playing.
 There are some great sledding hills around, but the one on our street takes some work to make the sled go down. Just not steep enough. The adults got the privilege of pulling the kids around.
 Our snowman family.

Road Trip

In January we were blessed to be invited to a Marine ceremony for one of our friends. I won't insult the Marines by trying to explain the thing. But it was a pretty big deal for our friend. It was being held at Cherry Point Marine Base where he is currently stationed. We first met this family when we were living in New Bern. They've been stationed at Cherry Point several times and we were blessed to be there during one of those times. So we loaded the kids up in the car and drove to New Bern, NC, our old hometown.

The kids were super excited to go. Dominic remembers New Bern, but Caitlin does not. So we thought it would be fun to take the entire weekend and show her our old home, our favorite places, etc. 

Ironically enough, I only have pictures from the beach. The ones from the ceremony didn't turn out because of how we were sitting facing the sun.

It was great to visit with old friends, see our old haunts, and eat at my favorite restaurants. We came home with lots of shells and sand and some wonderful memories. But ironically enough, while we miss the people and it's awesome to visit, we are so happy to be living in Tennessee. It's feels like home.

Spirit Week

I have a love/hate relationship with Spirit Week. The kids have so much fun and they look so funny/adorable/cute. But trying to come up with a five days of cool outfits for two kids is daunting and often expensive. Trying to shop for this stuff when I'd rather be working on Christmas stuff or having fun with the family is not my idea of a good time. But the kids enjoy it and that is the main thing.

Maniac Animal Monday
 Dominic was a rabid skunk.
Caitlin was an owl. (note the reuse of a previous costume - mom is being thrifty here.)

Time Machine Tuesday
Meet my 1920s girl. Isn't she precious.
And then there's the 40s gangster. =)
Just an FYI - the gun didn't go to school. 

Wacky Hair Wednesday
 Dominic was going for the old man look. So we cut the top super short and sprayed the sides grey. Didn't really show it well in the picture, but it was hilarious.
 I had some hair extensions and Caitlin went with that instead of a do or colored hairspray.

Twin Trouble Thursday
 These girls are so stinkin cute!
The Hawaiian boys. Cracked me up.

Lazy Pajama Friday
 The one I never get pictures of because by this time I'm done and the kids don't want a picture of them in pjs.

Photo Shoot

Caitlin is definitely my girly girl. She was excited about her birthday photo shoot and had all sorts of ideas and suggestions. She was easy to work with and I took way more pictures than I needed. But here are just a few of them.
My beautiful 7 yr old.

Caitlin's Birthday

Caitlin's birthday was pretty low key this year. It was a non-party year so we told her she could pick a restaurant to eat out at. She chose IHOP. 
It's hard to believe sometimes that I have a 7 yr old. I know I say this every year and repeat what millions of other parents are saying, but time is flying by and my babies are growing up. 

But I've enjoyed having a 7 yr old. She's such a beautiful young lady - inside and out. She's still our little cuddle bug, but she's also so much more independent and confident.

Best Friends

Caitlin and her best friend. I had a best friend like this growing up and I love that my daughter gets this wonderful experience of sharing her school day with her best friend. 
I adore this little girl and would gladly steal her if only her mom would give her up. So far I haven't had any luck in this department. =D