Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blood, blood, and more blood

Today was a pretty rotten day for me. But I was trying my best to be cheerful and take the lumps as they came. 
Five meat sandwich to the vegetarian? No problem, I'll pick it off.
Disaster of a morning? No problem, it had some good points.
Son fell so completely into a mud puddle at school that he had to change his clothes? No problem, at least he wasn't hurt.
A house so messy that I'm deeply embarrassed for even my husband to see? No problem, I have all afternoon and evening to clean it.

But only moments after arriving home from picking up Dominic I hear that type of screaming that any mother recognizes and it stops her heart for a second. I find Caitlin looking slightly green and Dominic sitting on the ground holding his foot.

He had jumped onto the ground right on top of a rock. It has sliced into his foot very deeply and the blood was flowing. It covered him, me, the grass and I couldn't see a thing. I picked him up and got him into the carport so I could wash it off for a better look. It was deep. And it just wouldn't stop bleeding. I kept paper towels pressed to it, hoping it would stop. It just kept bleeding. My hands are red, the concrete is turning red, and Dominic is still screaming.

And this was when my cheerful left and my panic set in. I called our family doctor only to find out that she's not in the office. So I rush across town to the emergency care. The entire time Dominic is screaming his lungs out. Poor baby honestly thought all of his blood was going to come out and he was going to die. I'm sure the pain didn't help. 

Somehow we made it into the clinic. He was so afraid to quit pressing that towel to his foot that his fingers had turned white. I was so rattled that I dropped things, forgot where I kept my insurance card, couldn't remember birth dates, and handed the receptionist a SAM's membership card instead of a credit card.

Almost four hours later we were back home feeding a very dirty, tired, and sore little boy. No stitches because of location and type of wound. But he'll be limping for a while.

My heart has returned to normal and I think my cheerful is returning. It could have been so much worse and my panic could have made me a lot more stupid. As it was I just appeared scattered and slightly blond. =) Jon was already off work and was able to meet us there. And Dominic was almost thankful and definitely gleeful when he realized this would get him out of some of his more dreaded chores. 

So all is right in our house again!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hot weather and princesses

About six months ago a girl in one of my mom's groups mentioned a race that sounded really fun. It's a 1/2 marathon at Disney called the Disney Princess. At the time I had just run my first 1/2 marathon and wanted to run more. So I convinced my husband that we NEEDED to go see his family in Florida. =) (The race pics and info are on my personal blog.)

Last week we loaded up the car and headed down for a week of fun in the warmth and sun. I don't have very many pictures to show for all of that fun. Mostly because we were too busy having fun to bother. But also some of them are probably still residing on the cameras of our family members.

We were blessed to have family who works at Disney and was able to get us into all of the parks for free. Every day my children impressed me and warmed my heart. They weren't perfect, but they were pretty darn close. It might have been the incredible contrast between the spoiled entitled brats all around them. But mostly it was because my kids just plain rock! Despite the hours of walking and standing, despite the unseasonably warm weather they were so good. It warmed my heart!
 I shall try not to bore you with too many pictures. We really enjoyed our experience and I want it in our book for memories. But the most important part of our whole trip was spending time with our family. Disney was just a sweet bonus!

Dancing in the street at Magic Kingdom. Dominic really got into it. 
Caitlin was a bit uncertain.
 The more sedate carousel was more her style.
 Racing cars was an experience. I might still be suffering from whiplash. Baby girl has quite a bit to learn before we unleash her on the roads. But Dominic seemed to do fairly well.
 The girl that always gets motion sick in the car was really enjoying making her mom nauseous. =)
For several weeks before we got to Disney we talked about Caitlin seeing a princess. So all morning she'd tell me about the different princesses she was seeing. It only took me a second to realize she was talking about the little girls who dressed up to go to the park. 
When we walked into that room and she saw a life size "real" princess, she about fainted. We were in there for about 15-20 minutes and the dazed look never left her face. It was hilarious!
 Even at Disney, she gets her hair clips fixed. Now she can say a real princess helped fix her hair.
 She was smiling, but it was this cautious, "Is this for real?!" smile.
 The kids loved this chair at the resort.
  Playing the drums.
My handsome little man!
 Viking girl.
 I'll let you guess why he's laughing about the troll nose. =)
 After getting to meet different characters all day, 
Caitlin was more unfazed and her typical smiley self.
Duffy is apparently Mickey's stuffed bear. See Gramps popping in for a picture?
 She loved all of the flowers in Epcot!
 That brother!
 We also went to Animal Kingdom. Caitlin couldn't ride one of the rides because she was a bit too short. It really upset her, because she learned that she likes roller coasters. So Aunt Bonnie got her a snow leopard as a consolation prize. She's still sleeping with it almost a week later. She loves it!

She was so tired in this picture. We hadn't stayed for the lights ceremony in Epcot before because it's so late in the evening. But on our last night there we decided to stay. Caitlin wasn't complaining, but she was walking slower and slower. All week she was Miss Independence. So I knew she was tired when she agreed to let Gramps carry her instead of walking.
 Aunt Sue smiling at a very tired little boy. We FINALLY wore the little guy out!
 Caitlin was so out that we couldn't wake her up when we stopped for a milkshake supper. Dominic, however, perked up enough to eat most of his. =)
We also went to see the Manatees, went out on the boat, went kayaking, had a picnic, ran a race (at least I did), and spent time with our family. It was a magical week!

Friday, February 14, 2014

THAT Parent!

I have fallen into the category of "THAT parent". All year long I cheerfully pin these lovely Valentine ideas to my pinterest boards. Then the morning of Valentine's Day I panic and we make a mad dash to the store to buy something generic.

It happened again this year. I remembered to get gifts and such for the kids. I woke up early and put their little cards on top of the books I'd bought them. I then whipped up red pancakes with cool whip and chocolate chips.
I'll meet my husband for lunch and then we'll have our real date on Saturday night.

But to the teachers who mean so much to our family? Nothing!
To all of the classmates that my son spends the majority of his week with? Nothing!

So this morning found us bright and early in Walmart looking over the measly supply of Valentine's still left on the shelf. The poor teachers received candy and lotion. His friends received a card and a pencil. It wasn't what I'd planned or hoped for. So I really hope they feel loved.

And maybe I'll get something cool done for the last day of school gifts!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just because you didn't get a gift, doesn't mean I don't love you!
It just means my brain is not working properly.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Jon and I have always worked towards independence in our children. If they are mentally and physically capable of doing something themselves, let them go for it. We'll be right there beside them, but they can do it themselves. 

We are also of the philosophy that work is good for a body. And since our children are a part of our family, they can contribute to the family by helping out.

Normally this isn't a problem. The kids wake up in the morning and do a small list of chores. Any not completed that morning are finished when they return from school, gymnastics, etc. Works pretty well for us. Since they both love learning new things and doing something that is "above their age limit" they have accomplished some pretty cool things. This also means that our household runs pretty smoothly and typically stays pretty clean.

Tonight I ran into a snag. I went to the school to help out the teachers set up the books for a book fair that starts next week. Dominic went with me and helped too. He was in ecstasy seeing all of those books. So he asked my budget for books next week. It wasn't enough to get him everything he wanted and even adding his stash of cash to the mix didn't cut it. So he asked if he could do some additional chores to make more money. Now the problem begins. I have no idea what to give him. I've googled chores and they are either already doing them, or have recently helped me do them. We don't have any extra things that need to be done.

We just washed and cleaned the car. Their closets are organized (last month). The house is clean and is being maintained by regular chores. The kids already help with laundry, dishes, and meal prep. Yard work is non-existent in this lovely single digit weather. We just washed windows and dusted all of the base boards. Caitlin just helped me mop yesterday.

I could just give him the money, but I appreciate his desire to work for something he wants. I'm just not sure what to give him. I went through all of the chores on those charts up to the teenage years. I'm either putting too much on my kids or people seriously don't expect much for their children.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Because my ocd has created a problem. =)

Spirit Week

I completely forgot to post the rest of the pictures from Spirit Week.

Day 2 - Animal
 This kid cracks me up.
 I ran into a bit of technical difficulty. I made the assumption that I would be able to find white hairspray since it was in the stores last year. But every store was out. So we tried to make silver work. I also thought I had some face paint and couldn't find it anywhere. So I used an old tube of mascara and didn't tell Dominic.
 This outfit gave me FITS! I am not a seamstress. So when I pulled my sewing machine out of the closet I had to clean off a massive layer of dust. Then I couldn't figure out the bobbin thingy since it had been so long since I last used it. But the end result pleased Dominic. So it was all good.
 I might be biased, but this is one really cute kid! Even with wonky mascara all over his face. =)

Day 3 - Backwards Day

Day 4 - Pajama Day

Day 5 - Food
Fortune Cookie
 Another technical nightmare. I couldn't find tan clothes. So we had to go with slightly burned cookie. And the sewing part, while much simpler, was still not easy for me.
If any Chinese people are reading this, I apologize for my appalling Chinese handwriting.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spirit Week

It's that time again when my child can express his inner total craziness.
Since there wasn't school yesterday due to weather we'll be going into next week.

Today was Crazy Hair/Mismatch Day.

Every single time I looked at this child I laughed.
He chose the clothes and let me have free reign with his hair.
 I LOVE his hair!
 Goofy kid!
 Want to know the funny part?! 
As we were getting ready to leave he made the comment that he was a 
bit embarrassed to go to school looking like that.
When I asked why he said his hair was "a bit too weird". 
The clothes and faces were fine though. =)

Big Girl

Caitlin has been growing quite a bit recently. So we told her after the holidays and all of our company left, we would exchange her bed for a big girl bed.

It was bittersweet for us as parents. Caitlin was in heaven though.
I had given her Lalaloopsy sheets for Christmas and she could hardly wait to put them on.
She looked so tiny in that huge bed. But I'm guessing she'll fit soon enough.