Monday, October 29, 2012

Race Day

A couple of pictures from race day. They are of the kids. I'll be posting race info on my personal blog.
Waiting on my race to start.

Another race

This last weekend we headed down to Chattanooga so I could run a race. Quite a few of my cousins were running it and I thought it would be fun for the kids as well.

So Sabbath morning after Sabbath School we headed down to the Chattanooga zoo. We have passes and spent several hours there enjoying the animals and fall weather.

Before we got there we stopped at the overpass.

My favorite exhibit. =)
After the zoo we headed to my grandparents for a visit before going to check out our hotel.
Our hotel had a nice pool that we spent some time at.
After supper we went to bed early. The next morning was going to start at 3am.


The fall season this year has been spectacular. And the weather and colors are only a part of it.
The kids were out playing and came in with arms full of colorful leaves.
This is the idea they came up with.

It was only about 10am, but they set the table for lunch.
I absolutely loved Dominic's fall break this year. It was so nice to have him home during the day and the weather was perfect so we spent most of it outside.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

This year we chose carving pumpkins to carve instead of cooking pumpkins. It made all the difference. Those cooking pumpkins are tough little things.

The kids scooped out all of the "gross" stuff and then drew on the pumpkin what they wanted Jon to carve. It was hilarious, but since it was all for them I figured it didn't matter what the poor pumpkin looked like.

 Not sure when or why the shirt came off.
 The finished product!

Camping Trip

A couple of weekends ago we went to Edgar Evans State Park to camp for the weekend. We were supposed to have some friends and family join us and due to illness and such we were alone.

But the weather was amazing and we had a ton of fun.
These decks are amazing. 
A bit slippery when wet and not like a normal camping spot. 
I think that is the most level I've ever been while sleeping in my tent. =)
If you know sign language please keep what my children are signing to yourself.
Mom is embarrassed.
 Dominic was in a funny mood. He would find a spot and ask me to take a picture.
His fake smiles and poses were cracking us up.
 The kids found these things by the trail. Can you imagine being hit in the head with one when it fell?!
 My little monkeys.
And this is when my camera died. So no more pictures for the weekend.
But we had a great time and are looking forward to using our camper next time we go.


I turned around to find that my son had lost a bit of his legs.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Torturing those I love

Me - "Dominic, do you know that I love you?"
Dominic - "Yes."
Me - "How do you know."
Dominic - "Because you pick on me so much."

I laughed because Jon has made the comment several times that he had kids so I would have other people to spread my "love" to. In fact, he said it yesterday. =)

Right after this conversation I headed to the computer to type this up while I remembered it. Dominic saw and asked me with a sigh "Are you going to put that on the blog?"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dominic had his 6 year well visit at the doctor today. To keep the kids entertained I gave them Icebreaker mints and then told them to breath deeply through their nose to feel the "fresh" feeling.

Dominic's comment -
"I'm trying, but my nose keeps getting in the way."

Monday, October 8, 2012

More Autumn Acres

Ironically we were invited to a birthday party at Autumn Acres only a few days after the field trip. It was for later in the day so the temperatures were a lot cooler. But the kids still had a blast.
 This kid cracks me up. Jon and I could see his pants coming down and he kept jumping. When he noticed that he'd lost his pants he just jumped to the edge so he could get a little help from mom and then returned to jumping.
 After convincing my friend to slide down I joined her. =)
 Picking out yet another pumpkin.
 Happy Birthday David!

Field Trip

This week Dominic's school went to Autumn Acres.
The teachers are gracious enough to allow younger siblings so we always join them.

This is Dominic's class getting ready to go through the corn maze.
 Figuring out the clues in the maze.
 Their favorite part - the bouncy pillow.
 The coolest principle in the world.
 Picking out the pumpkins.
 This is a really hard decision for baby girl.
 Austin and Caitlin
 I didn't even ask.
 Caitlin waiting patiently for her barrel ride.
 Finally - her ride is here.
Riding with Olivia
 Checking out the farm animals.
What a fun day!