Sunday, October 7, 2012

Choosing battles

As a parent you pick which battles are worth fighting for. Some things just aren't worth it. 
And in hindsight, some should have been fought.
This is the story of a battle that should have been fought.

Caitlin has hit a growth spurt and so early this week I pulled all of her 4T pants out of the storage containers and washed them. But baby girl was reluctant to give up her beloved 3T pants and begged (pleaded, cried, and whined) to wear them. It wasn't a battle that I was willing to fight, so I let her.

This happened early one morning before we took Dominic to school. About five minutes before heading out the door I hear her crying and Dominic beginning to panic.

Turns out she couldn't get her pants down to go pee because they were too tight. She hadn't peed since waking up and was getting desperate. But being an independent soul she didn't want to call mom until it reached desperate measures. But she miscalculated and ended up peeing buckets onto the bathroom floor.

We had seconds before we had to leave for school. I shoved her in the tub and gave her the fastest bath of her life while Dominic ran to get new clothes (4T ones). When I returned from dropping him off I set to cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. It took FOREVER!

A few days later the weather turned cooler and we turned the heat on. The smell that came out of the vent in the bathroom was horrific. It dawned on us very quickly that quite a bit of pee must have flowed into the air vent. Sigh!

Long story short - Jon spent some time under the house and our bathroom is beginning to return to normal. And I am wishing that it was a battle I had chosen to fight. 
Live and learn!

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