Monday, October 8, 2012

Field Trip

This week Dominic's school went to Autumn Acres.
The teachers are gracious enough to allow younger siblings so we always join them.

This is Dominic's class getting ready to go through the corn maze.
 Figuring out the clues in the maze.
 Their favorite part - the bouncy pillow.
 The coolest principle in the world.
 Picking out the pumpkins.
 This is a really hard decision for baby girl.
 Austin and Caitlin
 I didn't even ask.
 Caitlin waiting patiently for her barrel ride.
 Finally - her ride is here.
Riding with Olivia
 Checking out the farm animals.
What a fun day!


Sharon said...

that looks like a cool place, I need to get info so maybe I can take RJ next week when he's on his break :)

richies said...

Looks like fun

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