Friday, September 25, 2015

The things they say!


Every day when I drop the kids off at school they lean up into the front seat to give me a hug before they get out of the car. When Dominic leaned up I felt something on his face. 
"Dominic, you have something on your face."
"WHAT! I sure hope puberty isn't getting on me!"
"Uh, no. Pretty sure it's peanut butter from breakfast."
"Oh. Okay. I'll wash it off when I get inside."


Conversation overheard while the kids were playing in the other room.
Dominic - "Caitlin, it's just a fact you are going to have to accept and live with."
Caitlin - "Why?"
Dominic - "Because sometime we have to live with the fact that our family has very long eyelashes. We can't do anything about it."
Caitlin - "Okay, but it's annoying."

Oh to have such problems.


Dominic wasn't wanting to change out of his clothes from the day before that he'd also slept in.
"Can't I just wear this. It would be easier for everyone."
"Because I wouldn't have to change and you wouldn't have to do laundry." 


Apparently my children are very limber.


Motorcycle riding with Daddy.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The kids had to a school project. They both had to pick a person that they considered a hero that they wanted to emulate in some way. Then they had to dress like them.

Dominic chose to be Russell Wilson, a Christian football player. 
I was able to find a helmet and football uniform. But after he put it on, he refused to let a picture be taken.

Caitlin wanted to be me. 
It was a bit amusing to hear the two kids discussing how to dress like me. It's interesting to see how someone else views you. And it was a little disconcerting to see how accurate they were.
 Caitlin has lost another tooth. I love this look!