Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random bits!

Last week we went went on a walk with some friends. A couple of the neighborhood boys wanted to come so we took them too. On the return home we had a car full of sweaty, smelly children. 
 So Jon and I rolled down the windows. Almost immediately Caitlin started yelling -
"Roll up the windows. We are going to junk!"

We couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Finally after several questions we realized some of her papers were blowing around in the back seat and she was afraid they were going to fly out the window causing us to litter or junk. And junking is very bad!

We are babysitting a precious little dog, Bo. He's been an absolute angel and the kids and I are really enjoying having him here. He's sweet, obedient, patient, and the list goes on. He's a doll.
In this picture he had jumped on the chair (I don't let animals on the furniture) and was watching tv with me. The kids came in and had to join him. Notice who is taking the whole seat?
I also don't let the kids sit on the arms of the furniture. But I just didn't have the heart to make to make any of them move. It was just too precious.
He's also benefited us in a way we didn't expect. 
We have an annoying neighbor dog that has a serious case of little dog syndrome. He's always charging the kids, barking at high volume. It scares them and it's especially bad when he gets into our back yard when they are out playing.

Yesterday I was at the neighbors talking to my friend. One of the boys came running over to get me. The annoying dog was in the back yard chasing again. I could see the gate open and assumed one of the kids had left it open. Since little Bo was also in the back yard I was a little concerned. Bo is a bit froufrou. What would this dog do to sweet little Bo? I came back across my yard to barking (we had yet to hear Bo bark). But to my surprise it was Bo in full attack mode. He was nipping at this dog's legs as he chased him out of our yard at full speed. As you can imagine Bo got lots of praise and a treat.
We might be kidnapping borrowing a little dog. =)
Isn't he cute?!

She can ride!!!

Jon is a huge believer in having a balance bike first instead of using training wheels. So Caitlin has been riding her balance bike for about two years now. She has been ready for a bike with wheels, but we were waiting on her to grow. But this year we noticed she was finally tall enough and began to keep our eyes out for one her size. We are cheap (I might have mentioned this a few times) and won't buy a brand new bike for a child that is going to grow out of it in a few months. So we found a really nice one on lsn for $10. The basket needs to be replaced and the training wheels removed. But other than that, it was perfect. Caitlin called it beautiful and picked up using peddles right away.

Daddy had to make sure it was sturdy. =)
 Making sure the seat is the right height.
 And she's off!
 Jon's right. Using a balance bike means training wheels are never needed. 
She took off and has been riding almost all day today.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smart Cards

Yesterday the Smart Cards arrived. Jon and I love these things and we get two every year. And every year we make our money back several times over. But we also dread their arrival. Neither of us are sales people and our son needs to sell a ton to meet prize goals at school. So I reluctantly picked up the cards and headed home.

Dominic and Caitlin were not dreading it at all though. I had dressed them in their uniform clothes. Since the logo has the school name it gives more legit to us asking for money. They were so excited they were bouncing off the walls. I wasn't sure how well this would translate to sales. And then I sat back in amazement and watched as my children charmed people out of their money. 
It was astounding!

But today is another day and Dominic is again begging for money. So I am posting this at his request.
Please help his school - Algood Christian Elementary - by purchasing a smart card this year. You'll be able to use the coupons and discounts all year and Dominic's school will get some much needed things.
We really appreciate it!
And seriously! How can you say no to those faces?!

Friday, July 12, 2013


We headed to Arkansas to see Jon's parents for the week of the 4th. I was dreading the ride out there. Was really wishing for magical powers to just transport us. =) 
But it went really well. The miles went by quickly and the kids were great.

Playing in the woods with Grammy.
Jon and Gramps rode their bikes up Queen Wilhelmina mountain while the rest of us drove up there.
The kids and Grammy rode the little train. Dominic wasn't very impressed.
Later we ate home made ice cream.
One day we went to Hot Springs. We ate out and took the kids to the Science Museum.
Enjoying time with the grandparents.
We also went out on the boat. But I was too scared to bring the camera. 
This was probably the kids favorite things. They certainly love the water.
And it didn't hurt that Gramps let them drive the boat. Dominic did a great job.
Caitlin got us all a bit sick. =)

Caitlin with her Gramps while he sang special music at church. 
The weather was beautiful and completely not normal for Arkansas in July. 
We had such a wonderful visit and it was completely worth the long drive.