Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Smart Cards

Yesterday the Smart Cards arrived. Jon and I love these things and we get two every year. And every year we make our money back several times over. But we also dread their arrival. Neither of us are sales people and our son needs to sell a ton to meet prize goals at school. So I reluctantly picked up the cards and headed home.

Dominic and Caitlin were not dreading it at all though. I had dressed them in their uniform clothes. Since the logo has the school name it gives more legit to us asking for money. They were so excited they were bouncing off the walls. I wasn't sure how well this would translate to sales. And then I sat back in amazement and watched as my children charmed people out of their money. 
It was astounding!

But today is another day and Dominic is again begging for money. So I am posting this at his request.
Please help his school - Algood Christian Elementary - by purchasing a smart card this year. You'll be able to use the coupons and discounts all year and Dominic's school will get some much needed things.
We really appreciate it!
And seriously! How can you say no to those faces?!

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