Monday, July 6, 2015

Growing kids

Jon asked me to help him hold something outside. He's working on the garage. I wasn't really paying attention as I slipped my feet into some flip flops at the door. Later I looked down and realized they were the ones Dominic had been complaining were too small for him. While a tad tight, they definitely fit me. What has happened to my little boy?!


He isn't the only one growing like a weed. Today I packed lunches so we could spend the day at the pool. I packed a sandwich, chips, grapes, peanut butter crackers, and some cookies in each lunch. We go to a pool in a neighboring town that provides free lunches to the pool attendants. So the kids skipped the burger, but took the fruit cup, milk, and chips. Caitlin ate EVERYTHING. She then helped a friend polish off a massive jumbo bag of popcorn and ate a few of my carrots. Upon returning home she claimed to be starving so I fed her more carrots and a large banana. We were all going in different directions so had sandwiches again for supper. She ate two sandwiches and some carrots. I have no idea where she's putting it, but expect to be changing out her wardrobe again soon.


Jon just came inside a bit exasperated, holding a book. Apparently Dominic was reading while he was mowing. I'm a little afraid to see what my lawn looks like after that.

Dominic and Caitlin are in two summer reading programs. And while both of them have always loved books, this has inspired Dominic. If he's not outside, he's reading. He's plowed through an impressive amount of books in just a month and isn't slowing down. I had mentioned several months ago that I wanted him to experience other types of books. He was reading books that were all the same genre. And while there wasn't anything wrong with them, I wanted to widen his imagination and vocabulary. He took me to heart. He's read Around the World in 80 Days, 2 Hardy Mysteries, Judy Bloom, non-fiction about sharks, anatomy, dogs, insects, etc., and several classics. We are also flying through the Little House books at night. We are almost finished with the series. This does my heart good to see my kids fall in love with reading.