Friday, July 12, 2013


We headed to Arkansas to see Jon's parents for the week of the 4th. I was dreading the ride out there. Was really wishing for magical powers to just transport us. =) 
But it went really well. The miles went by quickly and the kids were great.

Playing in the woods with Grammy.
Jon and Gramps rode their bikes up Queen Wilhelmina mountain while the rest of us drove up there.
The kids and Grammy rode the little train. Dominic wasn't very impressed.
Later we ate home made ice cream.
One day we went to Hot Springs. We ate out and took the kids to the Science Museum.
Enjoying time with the grandparents.
We also went out on the boat. But I was too scared to bring the camera. 
This was probably the kids favorite things. They certainly love the water.
And it didn't hurt that Gramps let them drive the boat. Dominic did a great job.
Caitlin got us all a bit sick. =)

Caitlin with her Gramps while he sang special music at church. 
The weather was beautiful and completely not normal for Arkansas in July. 
We had such a wonderful visit and it was completely worth the long drive.

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richies said...

Sorry we missed seeing you while you were here in Arkansas.

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