Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color Run II

Dominic was so excited about this race that he could barely sleep. Between the kids excitement, the midnight motorcycle race on the streets below, and the alarms that went off at the wrong times we were pretty tired when we woke up.
Poor Dominic! We forgot his shirt (he had to wear Daddy's), his shoes (he wore crocks), and his shorts (he wore the ones from Saturday). But this didn't dim his enthusiasm.
After a quick breakfast Dominic was wearing the color chocolate pre-race style.
We walked down to the water front and joined the throng of people waiting to run.

Our friends Pavielle and Evan who joined us.
Pre-race photo
The Color Run is for everyone!
The ladies (and several men-no they weren't gay) in tutus
 The guy with the broken leg
 And Moms with their little kids. 
Dominic was not the youngest by far. 
The youngest I saw was younger than 1 year old.
 Everyone was so nice. I didn't feel crowded or afraid of losing Dominic the entire time. Quite a few people offered to take pictures.
 We were supposed to hold our color packets until the end, but I noticed quite a few going off before.
 After our first station. Dominic was ecstatic.
Since Dominic was wearing his crocs and had never run more than a mile we decided to take it easy. We stopped for a picture after every color station and ran or walked as we felt like it. I have no idea what our time was, but we had fun!
After one of the stations.
 Dominic forgot to close his mouth at the last station. =)
 We were supposed to toss the color into the air. But Dominic didn't think he had enough on his shirt. So I poured mine on top of him.
 This meant that he was now covered in blue powder. It's been three days and I still can't get it off his scalp.

Every time we came across a "puddle" of powder Dominic would roll in it. This happened the entire race and afterwards.
 Post race photo
 My hands from the powder I picked up to throw at Dominic at the blue station.
 It was without a doubt the funnest race I've ever run!
 Dominic doing a funny dance. Little man had as much fun, or more than I did.
We walked the approx. mile back to the hotel. 
The kids wanted a picture with this horse.
Dominic was dead tired!

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