Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rude awakening

This morning (before 7am) I woke up to my son sitting on my bed talking. Nothing unusual there. But seconds after opening my eyes we both heard the doorbell. Now that is unusual. Who in the world would be ringing my doorbell before 7am? I threw some clothes on while Dominic ran to stall the person at the door. But there wasn't anyone there.

I finished dressing and went to peek in on Caitlin to see if the doorbell had woken her up.

Now I was in full panic mode. Where in the world could she be? My first clue should have been the doorbell. Baby girl was "taking a walk" and then couldn't get back into the house so she rang the doorbell. I have no idea how long she was outside since Jon had already left for work.
This girl is scary independent at times.

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Sharon said...

Oh my soul - been there and know that panic!! Glad everything is well.