Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ginger Bread House

I found this blog and realized I'd never posted it.!

Melony had her annual ginger bread house party. Dominic has never gone before and so this year it was interesting to get his reaction. He doesn't eat candy. EVER! So I naively hoped that he would make the house and we wouldn't have to deal with the sugar part of it.
Boy, was I ever wrong. He started shoveling that candy in faster than Alyssa and I could stop him. I've never seen a kid eat so fast. Once I explained to him that he had to use the candy to build the house he calmed down and helped us make his little house. It was pretty cute.
Alyssa came with us because I'd been having a few contractions and needed to make sure I had a back up plan if I went into labor. She was a great help while I ran my errands as well. I wish I could keep her here. Dominic adores her and will miss her when she's gone.

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