Friday, December 26, 2008


If you aren't familiar w/ our monster George, please see previous blogs.

Today on the way home my mother-in-law and I could hear this conversation going on in the back seat. Dominic was trying to convince George to come into the car and put his clothes on. He was flying outside the car naked (or in Dominic's words "nakey bum"). Dominic told him to put on his shoes, then his pants. I guess he didn't want to put on his shirt so they had an argument and Dominic threw his shirt out the window. Then Dominic told him to go get our red car so he could follow us home. I told him that Daddy was driving the red car and Dominic said George needed to borrow it so he could drive home and be with us where he belonged. Then Daddy could drive it later.

We had been to Walmart earlier to pick up a few things and his Grammy had gotten him a teddy bear. Dominic has no imagination when it comes to naming things. Everything is Tolkien (our cat) right now. So Grammy had to help him name the bear.

Yet this child can clearly picture a monster that is red, flies (sometimes naked), talks to him and can drive red cars. Go figure!

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Torry said...

And how do you KNOW he can't see him? LOL! Give that boy a big squishing for me. We miss you all.