Sunday, December 28, 2008


I heard an interesting conversation in the bathroom today. Jon was shaving and Dominic was watching.
"Daddy, can I PLEASE shave?"
"No, Dominic, only grown-ups can shave"
"No, Dominic."
"But Daddy I'm so scruffy!"
A pause -
"Wow, you are pretty scruffy, but I think it's left-over breakfast, let's wash your face"
A big sigh! "Oh, okay."

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but Dominic's hands talk to each other. Mostly they just argue about things. But they've had some very enlightening (for me) conversations. It lets me have a peek into what my child is thinking. Today he informed us that his left hand was named
Dom Dom and his right hand was named Doc Doc. So I guess I was wrong about him not having an imagination to name things. Not sure where the names came from, but at least they aren't Tolkien and Caitlin. =)


Diane said...

Hi Tima,

What a precious little girl. Congratulations! I read several of your blogs to my family. We enjoy the never failing of humor stories of Nicholas. Children are so funny.
Tanaya was telling us of some of their friends who's little girl was afraid of the monsters in her room. They must live in the country, because the daddy went into the bedroom of the girl "rounded up" all the monsters, took them out side and shot them!
She is no longer afraid of monsters in her room. Daddy took care of them!!!
Not sure I recommend that???
Oh well.
Happy New Year
Enjoy your little ones. Say hello to Jill and Jon for us.
Diane for the family

Diane said...

DOMINIC's stories....I am so sorry. I had just finished reading about my cousins little one and then remembered I had wanted to post on your blog and .....Oh well I'm 50...
Torry and Dale used to "shave with empty razors when Poppy would come to visit. If you remember, Mike, (Mr. Teale).... never shaved..
Happy Day