Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On Thursday Jon mentioned to me that it would be fun to take our camper out on its maiden voyage. 
We wanted to use this trip to iron out any kinks in our plans. Our camping lists are for tent camping and the camper isn't completely finished.
So on Saturday afternoon we hooked it up to the truck and headed back to Edgar Evans State Park. It's close and the campsites level so we knew we could handle any issues we might encounter.

Some friends joined us for the afternoon and we checked out a trail. I forgot my camera, so no pictures. But it was refreshing to see the tiny buds and flowers that assured me that spring is around the corner.

The kids brought their bikes and made friends with several of the other kids at the campground.

The kids watching Jon play a game on his iPod.
 Bear Bear joined us playing games.
 At the visitors center is a very tall tower that looks towards the Center Hill Dam.
 The kids and Jon got the tower shaking so much that I vacated rather quickly.
They clearly didn't inherit my caution with heights.
It was a super fun little trip. We learned a lot about what we still need to fix on the camper and what items need to be added to the list. Can't wait for our next trip.

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