Friday, February 22, 2013


A couple of days ago I went to see my doctor about my knee issues. She was selling those little rubber braclets to help raise money for a local child with cancer. I purchased two of them and then picked Dominic up from school so we could go to Bible study. I exit Bible study to find them both hanging from the chandelier (the bands, not the kids). This light is super high up and impossible for me to touch. So tomorrow we will have tie dyed arm bands in our foyer chandelier at church.

It's days like that that I roll my eyes and say "KIDS!"

Today was one of those days that I laughed at them the entire time. Here is why -

As the kids were running outside to play I asked kitty if he wanted to go out too. Caitlin, in a shocked voice "You can't let him outside. He'll get moles."
"Oh, uhm, are moles big?"
"Yes, they are like mice."
"Oh, then I guess I meant fleas."

Overheard from the other room.
Dominic - "I think I want to have a twin brother. No wait! I want to be triplets."
Caitlin - "Okay. I'd like lots of brothers. Let's go tell mom."
Dominic - "Okay, sure!"

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richies said...

Kids sure do keep life interesting.
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