Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Fair

Every year we have a Scholastic Book Fair in February. And each year a goal is set for the amount of sales we need to get the books on the school wishlist.

If we reach the goal something fun is done to one of the teachers at a party later.
This year the students chose to initiate Mrs. Janzen since she was the newest teacher.
The students covered her in whipped cream. She was such a great sport about it. 

Getting all ready for the whipped cream.
 I thought it amusing that one of her daughters was the first one in line to spray her.
 Dominic has been so excited about this.
 The things we will do for education. =)
 After they had run out of whipped cream they got together for a group picture.
 When she got up she started chasing the kids.
Thank you Mrs. Janzen. You are an amazing sport.
And in the words of one of the students - "You are a real teacher now!"

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