Sunday, February 17, 2013

Caitlin cuteness

I found this survey online and thought I'd try it out on Caitlin.

My dad’s name is “Jon
He is how many years old? “I don’t know
He is as big as “grandpa
Describe his hair “Daddy” (this response was given while looking up at Jon)
Describe his eyes “Like mine
His favorite food is “macaroni
His favorite color is “red
He likes to go to “Kentucky
For fun he likes to “go to work
My favorite thing to do with Daddy is “go to work with him
I love my daddy because “he kisses me and loves me

We actually went in public with her like this. =)
 At least her clothes matched. Earlier this week we had pink pants, purple shoes, yellow hair clips, and a bright red shirt. It was eye catching for sure.

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