Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Our Easter was rather unplanned this year. Jon and I had left the kids at my parents so we could have a weekend to ourselves (more about that on my other blog). We picked the kids up on Sunday morning and returned home. So the whole hunting for eggs was a serious after thought. Thankfully I'd purchased some things and stored them in my closet several months before.

Due to the rain we had the egg hunt in the library.
I didn't fill as many eggs as I normally did because I didn't have enough things and there wasn't a ton of room in the library. So I gave the kids some extras in the bottom of their bags.
This is the thing they were most excited about. Gum!!!
I don't think it lasted the week. But they enjoyed it, so that's what counts.

Just a random picture. Some high school friends came to Nashville for some meetings and were able to come spend the night at our house. The kids took advantage and had Uncle Rodney reading them stories.

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richies said...

We had a great Easter this year visiting the grandkids in Louisiana.

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