Thursday, April 11, 2013

My first 1/2 marathon was in Knoxville this past Sunday. So our plans were to head out early Sabbath morning so we could go to church with my cousin Matt and then have a picnic and visit the zoo that afternoon. We would spend the night with my cousin and then head to the race early on Sunday.
But on Friday night Caitlin decided to have a upset stomach. She threw up once. Since my cousin has two little kids we just couldn't chance getting them sick. So Jon stayed home with her and my dad, Dominic and I headed to Knoxville.
After church we headed to the Knoxville zoo. We had passes and thought we'd check it out. It's about the same distance as the Nashville zoo, but we still haven't made it over for a visit.

I have several pictures of animals, but ironically the two main things that Dominic loved were not even zoo animals.

He played on this lion forever. I had to make him get off so that other kids could have a chance.
 But he was having fun, so I let him go for it.
 The knees of a boy who knows how to have fun!
 My sweet boy!
 His favorite was this jeep. It even got a mention for the next two nights during prayer time.
He could have played here for hours. It was hilarious and so cute watching him make up stories and act them out.
 Leaving the zoo on the train.

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