Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mixed bag

Today was one of those days that is so mixed up and crazy that the label depends entirely on my outlook. I'm choosing to be positive today so it was a great day. =)

I dropped Dominic off at school and headed to Nashville. Mom had another doctor appointment and thought we could meet for lunch. Her doctor's office was only an hour away so we thought we'd shop and then get lunch before I had to head home.

Baby girl was so weepy and clingy that I was beginning to wonder if she was trying out for the part of a dryer sheet. It was crazy! But despite the wine whine and static cling it was a really fun morning. I dashed home to pick up Dominic so we could make it to Bible study in time. There are a couple of moms in Bible study so we let our kids play in the church gym while we study. Until last week it's worked very well for us. Last week they left the gym (without us knowing) and then couldn't get back in. The principle of the school texted his wife to let us know he had some "lost" children. So after a very, very early bedtime I'd hoped they had learned their lesson. They did! They chose something different this week.
They decided to have a water fight INSIDE! Every single child was soaked and it took a couple of mops, some rags and a bit of work to get all of the water off the floor. Needless to say, there were some very unhappy moms and another very, very early bedtime.

But when you see this face (he finally lost that tooth while kayaking on Sabbath)
how can you stay mad?!
 Or go in to tuck in baby girl and find this. 
Her explanation was that it was to dry her wet hair while she slept. Wow!
I have the cutest kids! Granted there were moments today that the cuteness wasn't hitting my radar. But I love them dearly and am so thankful that God gave these very children to me.

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