Monday, December 14, 2009

I am so proud of Dominic

Today when I went to get Dominic from child care at MOPS I noticed he was sitting by the wall and was furious. He wasn't the only one. There were several kids in various stages of mad. I quietly asked Dominic what the problem was.
"I am SOOO angry with _____. He wouldn't let us be first in follow the leader. It was my turn and he stuckt out his leg and feld me. And then he went first. I'm so, so angry. Mom! I'm REALLY mad."
One of the little girls that was crying came running up to her mom who had followed me into the room and said "That mean boy is a bully. I DON'T like him!" Then she started crying all over again.
Of course, my reaction was to do something. But according to the teacher Dominic had put himself in the corner because "I'm too angry to play." And of all of the things he could have done, that was probably the best. So I decided to just let him talk out his anger and see what happened.
He talked for about 20 minutes about how angry and mad he felt and how he didn't like _____ anymore and didn't EVER want to play with him again. It finally got quiet in the back seat and then I heard his sweet little voice.
"Mom, I was angry at _____, but he's my friend so I'm going to give him another chance."

I was so proud of him. This isn't the first time this boy has done something to Dominic and yet each and every time my sweet little boy forgives. He doesn't forget, because sometimes he'll talk about how rude _____ is to his mommy and dad or how he (Dominic) doesn't like being hit or punched. This isn't to say that my child isn't aggressive, but it just astounds me when he's so forgiving and I love him for it.

I thought the conversation was done, but at lunch Dominic is eating and he says "Mom, I had to abnegate myself from the game, because I was so angry."
If I hadn't already busted my buttons when he was so forgiving I would have when he used this word correctly (for the most part). Yep! One very, very proud mom here!!!!!

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