Thursday, December 3, 2009


I promise this is my last Thanksgiving post. =) A couple of these pictures are the day before, but were too cute to leave out.Jon's parents got there on Wednesday during nap/quiet time. Dominic was more than willing to share his movie with Gramps.
I love this picture of Caitlin with her Grammy and Gramps.We have followed a Thanksgiving tradition for years now. We eat Thanksgiving lunch with my Uncle Bob and his family and then eat Thanksgiving supper with Jon's family.Very sorry to everyone who was caught with their mouths full. Didn't want to leave anyone out and since the food was so good there weren't many pictures with out full mouths. =)Caitlin had her own little chair.Thanksgiving with Jon's family.
Caitlin had her own special seat here as well. =) In this picture she's eating a cherry tomato.

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