Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun Friday

Janet and I became friends through a mom's group when Dominic and Anna were less than a year old. Our two youngest are birthday buddies, born only a few hours apart in the same hospital. So this year we had the idea to have Anna and Dominic decorate cupcakes for their siblings birthday the next day.

They did really great at first.But then the licking started. =)And then very quickly after that the eating. Oh, well. It was a great thought in theory.Sam kept "borrowing" Caitlin's lunch. She would just watch him. It didn't seem to bother her.I guess she finally decided to share and was giving him a piece.Sam and Caitlin. Aren't they precious?!
Friday evening we went to the lighting of the tree downtown. Caitlin enjoyed watching the people.Jon and Dominic waiting for things to start.The wind was blowing so it felt pretty cold.The tree! It was great to visit with friends while we waited. We'll miss you, Shuli!

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Ben, Janet, Anna, and Sam said...

Great pics of Anna and Dominic. I didn't take any of the older kids that day. We had a fun weekend celebrating with you all!