Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

This first picture was taken last week right before church. The kids (mostly Dominic) were too excited this morning to stay still.This is the best attempt at a picture this morning.Dominic woke us up at about 6:30am this morning with a very excited whisper "Daddy, there's PRESENTS under the tree!"
"I know Dominic, but it isn't morning yet. Please go back to bed."
Sigh "Okay, but the presents are HERE!"
He lasted about 30 minutes and then came in again asking if he could eat the cinnamon rolls. When asked whether he was looking forward to presents or cinnamon rolls the most he said "I'm looking forward to cinnamon rolls AND presents." We talked to him until Caitlin woke up then talked about our blessings while we waited on little bug to finish her milk.
I don't have a fireplace anymore so just put the stockings leaned up against the presents. Both kids enjoyed their stockings. I really think I could have ended things there and they would have been fine. Caitlin pulled the first thing out and started playing with it. We had to show her there was more in the stocking.I think she enjoyed the paper as much as the gifts.
They both liked this little tent the best. I had thought it came with a tunnel, but am glad that it doesn't. Were would I fit it in my tiny house. =)The kids LOVED the cinnamon rolls this morning. Dominic very carefully licked all of the icing off the top and sides and then informed us that he didn't want the crusts.Caitlin ate the whole thing, even the crumbs.

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